Mumias East MP Peter Salasya reveals his Salary through this Pay Slip


Peter Salasya is one of the youngest MPs in Kenya. He was elected as the MP for Mumias East.Today he reveled the salary he earns as the MP.According to the MP his gross salary is Ksh 1,164,527.After deductions and loans,he takes home Ksh 2,364.30 only.

The MP earns a basic salary of Ksh 435,301. He gets Administrative Allowance of Ksh 140,201 and House Allowance of Ksh 150,000 per month. Below are the allowances and benefits he gets:

Administrative Allowance=Ksh 140,201

House Allowance=Ksh 150,000

Sitting Allowance=Ksh 67,500

Telephone Allowance=Ksh 15,000

Vehicle Fixed Cost=Ksh 356,525

He took a mortgage, car loan and also contributes to staff pension fund. His total deductions amount to Ksh 1,162,162.70

Kenyans are now wondering where he gets money from to finance his lifestyle. A number of them believes he gets money from CDF and friends like Oscar Sudi.


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