15 Highest paid DJS in Kenya 2023/2024


Do you know who are the highest paid DJs in Kenya?Well,some of our DJs earn over Ksh 1 million per month.This is one of the most underrated careers but it’s among the highest paying in the country.

Below is a list of the highest paid DJs in Kenya for the year 2023/2024:

  1. DJ Kalonje

Kalonje is among the famous DJs loved across Kenya, especially because of his mixes played in Nairobi Matatu’s. His charges range from 70k-350k maximum. He is among the best paid djs in Kenya.

  • Joe Mfalme

He is a Kenyan professional disk jockey known across Kenya. Joe charges vary depending on the demand. He has worked with several media houses, however, when it comes to charges; on normal occasions his charges range from;

30k-50k club gigs

60k-70k campus events

130k-170k for international events

  • Sammy Muraya AKA DJ MO

He is among the popular Djs in Kenya. His fame came from playing gospel music and he also had a show on NTV. DJ Mo has previously won groove award as the best Dj of the year. His charges range from 70k and above, depending on the event.

  • Kriss Darlin

He charges 90k and above depending with the occasion. Kriss is known to play reggae he has previously been recorded calling himself ‘the Presidents Dj.’ He is also known to host Jamrock show on NTV.

  • Crème De La Crème

He is among the major entertainers in the entertainment industry; he has previously had a show on KTN ‘the tonight live show.’ Dj crème services range from 100k and above depending with the occasion.

  • DJ Hassan

He is known to work with the Homeboyz radio and Homegrown TV shows. His charges range from 55k with the gig and the occasion, for international events, he earns up to 200k.

  • Roy Teeboy Kenya

He rose to fame gradually and he has also hosted a show on Citizen TV and Hot96 radio. Roy is among the DJs earning much, despite him not disclosing his earnings.

  • DJ Pierra Makena

She is among the few female DJs in the field. Her charges range from 30k – 180k maximum.

Pierra also charges according to the events and the hours. Pierra was also an actress for quite some time back in the day.

  • DJ Hypnotiq

He charges his gigs from 30k – 180k maximum upwards; he previously worked with switch TV before its closure.

  1. DJ Adrian

He is among the legends in deejaying field, with over 2 decades of experience. Adrian previously played a capital fm radio owned by the late Chris Kirubi. His charges are not revealed to the public.

  1. DJ Kaytrixx

He was previously known from the strai-8 up live show on KTN TV. His charges range from 130k – 180k.

  1. DJ Protégé

He is among the low key djs who have worked previously with capital fm radio. His charges and earnings range from 120k – 175k maximum.

  1. DJ Delph

He is very popular in Mombasa and one of the best in the region. He has worked with Safaricom and has never disclosed what he charges to the public.

  1. DJ Demakufu

He is known as the ‘street king,’ he previously described his tough journey to success before getting a position on homeboyz radio. Demakufu is among those earning well in the industry.

  1. DJ Pinye

He is a legend in disk jockey as a career, one of the DJs who have stayed longer in the game. Pinye story reflects that of from grass to grace. On charges, it depends on the demand; however, he has never disclosed how much he charges.


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