Most Demanded skills in Kenya that do not require degree qualification


When you possess some skills in Kenya, it’s easier to get some jobs than even degree holders. There are certificates and diplomas which are more marketable than degrees and masters, all you need is to know the list of the most demanded skills.

While thinking of your future, try to figure out what you can do as a side hustle. Below are some of the most demanded skills in Kenya which do not require degree qualification:

  • DJ

Being a DJ nowadays is something to be proud of. A few years ago, DJs were not seen as serious individuals but from a couple of years ago, they started being treated as celebrities. Clubs need DJs,they are also needed in events ,radio and TV stations.DJs can also produce content online to generate income.

To become a DJ in Kenya, you don’t need a degree, just enroll for training for a couple of months and you are good to go. Majority of well-established DJs earn above Ksh 500,000 monthly.

  • Plumbing

Plumbing is not a skill you will learn at degree level, it’s offered at certificate and diploma levels. This is one of the best paying careers at the moment.

Every home in Kenya need a plumber at least a couple of months a year.

Even with a D-, you will pursue the course.

  • Video Editing

Another area that is becoming popular is video editing. Thousands of Kenyans are producing content on TikTok and YouTube but they don’t know how to edit videos. With excellent video editing skills, you’ll certainly get jobs from numerous content creators.

Video editing is a skill you should possess even when you are a graduate, it will help you in future.

  • Smartphone and Laptop repair

Sometimes I visit shops in Nairobi CBD and one area I don’t skip is where they repair smartphones. These people are making a lot of money. When I ask them about their qualifications, I get shocked that they didn’t progress past form four.

Someone with a smartphone repair shop in Nairobi CBD makes not less than Ksh 5,000 daily.

  • Web Design

You should also learn skills on how to design a website. This is an important skill in Kenya. Since over 10,000 websites are created monthly, your skills will be of much importance.

After learning the skills, create a Facebook page, Twitter page, Whats App group, TikTok page, LinkedIn account and a website where to market your skills.

You will be charging each client Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 150,000 for web design.

  • Photography

The demand for photography services is quit high. This is a skill you should learn. Then later, buy your own cameras to take videos and photos in events.

  • Comedy & MC

You should also position yourself as the best MC for you to be hired in events. Learn how to do comedy, then combined with your MC skills, you will be marketable.

  • Electrical Installation

The demand for electricians is extremely high. Electrical installation is a skill you can learn even at certificate level. I have seen a number of graduates enrolling for certificates and diploma in Electrical engineering or Installation. With this skill, you don’t have to be employed by anyone.

  • Blogging & guest posting

There are many bloggers and blogs who need people to write for them. Blogging is a serious profession in Kenya. The only challenge is to understand how articles are written, SEO and where there are available jobs.

  • Academic writing

Learn Microsoft office, data entry skills, Excel, Statistical tools and become an academic writer. There are over 10,000 Kenyans doing academic writing, others making over Ksh 600,000 monthly.

  • Motivational speaker

Motivational Speakers are earning millions nowadays; their skills are on high demand. When invited to speak in an event, they are paid more than Ksh 50,000. They also generate income online through Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

  • Offering Tax Advisory Services

You can enroll for a course at KRA Westlands and learn how to file returns for companies, how to balance accounts for companies. On top of that, pursue CPA.With such skills, you can open your consultant firm and advise companies and individuals on issues to do with tax.

  • Forex Trading

A number of Kenyans are making decent money from Forex trading in Kenya. You can also join them and start making money. You need to learn how the sector works, then start training Kenyans on Forex Trading. To train one person, you will charge Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 40,000.

  • CV & Cover letter writing, career coaching

Become a career coach, learn how to write CVs ad Cover Letters. Your presence should be felt on LinkedIn and social media.

You can also design a job board for job advertisements.

  • Graphic Design

Graphic design is a skill on demand at the moment. Learn the skills, jobs will come.

  • Heavy Machinery driving

Very few people know how to drive heavy machinery. Enroll for the heavy machinery course and get a certificate. It will help you secure employment.

  • Boda boda repair

You should also learn how to repair boda boda. This is a useful skill which is required anywhere in Kenya.


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