How can I spend Ksh70, 000 salary in Kenya wisely


 If you monthly salary is Ksh70,000 in Kenya, there is a way you can spend it and ensure that you have enough for savings. The salary is not huge enough to afford luxuries but it can give you a decent lifestyle.

Assuming that you live in Nairobi,70k requires that you look for a house charging rent of Ksh 10,000-Ksh 15,000.Don’t spend more than Ksh15,000 on rent.

You should also avoid luxuries like alcohol and women if at all you want to save money. Avoid buying a car too. Avoid gambling and taking mobile loans because those are negative habits that will eventually cut into your budget.

With a net salary of Ksh70,000,you should budget as follows:

Rent =Ksh 10,000-Ksh15,000



Food=Ksh 10,000

Shopping and other expenses=Ksh15,000


You will remain with Ksh 20,000 to save monthly.

If you remain strict to your budget, in a year you’ll save Ksh 240,000.You can use this money to set up a business like MPESA or wines and spirits that will supplement your salary.At this point you need a supportive wife,someone who can do the business and generate profits.

Make sure that as you earn your salary, you also have a side hustle.Your salary will not be always there,you might get fired.A wife is very important too,she will keep you on toes.


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