Best Business to start in Nakuru 2022/2023


Nakuru is one of the best places to start a profitable business in Kenya. Being a city with over 2 million people, there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The city is conducive, clean and business friendly.

With a capital of as low as Ksh1, 000, you’ll set up a profitable business that can generate over Ksh 100,000 per month. Here is the list of top businesses to start in Nakuru 2022/2023;

  1. Selling borehole water
  2. Selling clean bottled water
  3. Selling construction materials
  4. Hardware business
  5. Car wash business
  6. Garage business
  7. Garbage collection business
  8. Rental property
  9. Private school
  10. PlayStation
  11. Wines and Spirits
  12. Chemist
  13. Butchery
  14. Buying and selling land
  15. Car parking business
  16. Grocery shop
  17. Pub
  18. Cosmetics shop
  19. Mobile phone repair
  20. Bodaboda spare parts business

Selling of borehole water

Water scarcity in Nakuru is a huge problem, many estates don’t receive water from the County. Nowadays people are drilling boreholes and selling water to the surrounding. Drilling a borehole in Nakuru will cost you Ksh 800,000 to Ksh1.5 million depending on the depth of water.

If you build one in a place like Kiamunyi, be prepared to make over Ksh 3,000 per day from the sale of water.

  • Selling clean bottled water

Buy a machine for purifying water, then set up a shop for selling bottled water. You’ll need a capital of Ksh 200,000- Ksh 300,000.The returns will be huge considering that the market for bottled water in Nakuru is still huge.

Expected profits for bottled water range between Ksh70, 000 and Ksh200,000 per month depending on location and your customer base. Target areas like Kiamunyi, London, Ngata, Milimani and Section 58

  • Selling construction materials

You can also start the business of selling construction materials like sand, concrete and construction blocks. This business is booming in Nakuru because the town is growing rapidly.

  • Hardware business

Hardware business is also associated with business of selling construction materials. You can’t make losses when doing this business. To start a hardware, you need a capital of Ksh 2 million and above.

This is one of the few businesses in Nakuru that will guarantee over Ksh1 million monthly profits.

If you have enough capital, I will encourage you to set up a hardware in Nakuru, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Car wash business

Another booming business in Nakuru city is Car wash.Residents are buying cars in numbers which demand for car washes. The capital you’ll need range between Ksh100, 000 and Ksh 300,000.

Set the business in estates with middle and high income statuses. You will be making over Ksh2, 000 per day in profits.

  • Garage business

There are no enough garages in Nakuru, some people take their vehicles as far as Nairobi for repairs.

You don’t have to possess the skills in repairing cars, you’ll employ mechanics.

  • Garbage collection business

As the number of rental houses increase, the demand for garbage collection also grows. The number of companies doing this business in the city is not enough. You can start the business with even one vehicle and grow with time. A capital of Ksh1 million is enough.

  • Rental property

Land is still affordable in Nakuru unlike Nairobi and the demand for rental property is growing each day as people move from Nairobi to the city in search of jobs.Pipeline,Kiamunyi,Kaptembwa, Section 58,White house and London are some of the best places to buy land and build apartments.

Start with as low as Ksh2 million, which is enough to buy land and build bedsitters.

  • Private school

There is also high demand for education, schools are few in Nakuru. Since land is cheap, you can buy some acres and build a private school. It won’t take much time before pupils and children enroll for studies.

The good thing is that students can come from as far as Nairobi and Mombasa as parents from those cities prefer conducive environment like Nakuru.

  • PlayStation business

PlayStation business won’t disappoint you, the demand for this game is so high that you won’t take a day after setting it up to get clients—they are readily available. Youths take their free time to play the game.

Capital required is Ksh 200,000 to Ksh400, 000.You will make not less than Ksh2, 000 per day.

But you have to put it up in s secure place, probably in Nakuru CBD.

  • Wines and Spirits

If you go to every estate in Nakuru, you’ll realize that there are no enough Wines and Spirits shops in the city. Even if they’re available, there are new opportunities because the city is expanding.

  • Chemist

Those with qualification in Pharmacy or Nursing will find it easy to start a Chemist in Nakuru. One way of becoming a millionaire in Nakuru is to operate a Chemist—it’s very profitable.

You require a capital of Ksh200,000 and above. Set up capital is Ksh 100, 000,the rest will be used to buy drugs.

A sizeable Chemist in the middle of the town will generate over Ksh5,000 per day.

  • Butchery

There are still no enough butcheries in Nakuru especially CBD.In your butchery, incorporate fish and kienyeji chicken. Capital required is Ksh 70,000 to Ksh150, 000.

  • Buying and selling land(Real estate business)

You can’t go wrong with real estate business in Nakuru. Start buying land costing below Ksh500, 000, advertise online and get a profit margin of Ksh 20,000 to Ksh100,000 per plot.

  • Car park business

If you own land in Nakuru CBD or slightly outside the Central Business District, convert that into a parking lot and charge your clients. In future the county won’t be having enough parking space because most of the spaces in the CBD are being done away with. You will charge at least Ksh100 per car.

  • Grocery shop

People must eat vegetables, they must buy tomatoes and other fruits. Getting products to sell in Nakuru is not as hard as in the case of Nairobi. A grocery shop will be ideal for those with small capital.

  • Cosmetics shop

If you want to become rich quickly in Kenya, sell beauty products. A cosmetics shop is ideal in Nakuru but it should be set up where residents are good economically. Combine a cosmetics shop with an executive salon. A capital of below Ksh 300,000 is required.

  • Mobile phone repair business

If you walk around Nairobi CBD, you’ll realize that mobile phone repair shops are not enough. Equip yourself with skills of repairing smartphones and set up a shop in the city.

  • Bodaboda spare part business

Instead of starting bodaboda business, start selling spare parts to bodaboda operators.You can also set up a space for repairing bodaboda within the city.Your business will be booming.


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