What business can I start with 150k in Kenya


If you have Ksh150, 000 in Kenya, there are plenty of businesses to do. But for you to become successful, you have to identify a profitable business, one that can easily generate enough cash to pay rent and remain for savings.

One challenge most Kenyans get is to identify a profitable businesss.But with a lot of information online, it’s easy to know which business to venture in.

Business also requires passion. You have to enjoy what you do in order to succeed. You can’t start a wines and spirits shop if you aren’t ready to accommodate and tolerate your clients.

Here is a list of most profitable businesses to start in Kenya with 150k:

  • Wines and Spirits shop

You require Ksh20, 000-Ksh30, 000 for license and Ksh 100,000-Ksh150, 000 for setting up the business. Wines and Spirits shop will generate for you at least Ksh 1000 per day.

  • Grocery shop

Another profitable business to start with Ksh150, 000 and below is a grocery shop. The good thing about this business is that you can even start with Ksh20, 000 and grow with time.

Grocery shop can generate for you more than Ksh2, 000 per day depending on how busy your location is.

  • Buy academic writing account

Academic writing is one of the most profitable ventures in Kenya. To buy one account, you need Ksh100,000 to Ksh150,000.Once you have the account, employ people to do the tasks and earn over 100k per month.

There are thousands of Kenyans earning a living through academic writing.

  • Bodaboda business

Another business that will not disappoint you is bodaboda business. To buy a brand new bodaboda, you require Ksh80, 000 to Ksh120, 000.You will then hire someone to operate it.A bodaboda will generate Ksh500 to Ksh3,000 per day.

  • MPESA shop

Start an MPESA shop plus agency banking.The business will require Ksh150,000.MPESA shop is a profitable business,it will generate money from the day you set it up.

With a good flow of customers, you’ll manage to earn more than Ksh1,500 per day.

  • Perfume refill business

Another business that’s hotcake in Kenya today is perfume refill business. There are people who don’t afford Ksh30,000 to buy perfume but they can buy a portion of it.

In Nairobi, perfume refill business is doing extremely well.

A capital of Ksh150, 000 is required.

  • PlayStation business

PlayStation needs a lot of capital, Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 500,000.If you can afford this money, I am sure you won’t regret having started the business.

A single PlayStation shop will generate Ksh3,000 to Ksh40,000 per day.

  • Farming

Try any kind of farming and you won’t regret. I remember this year, one of my neighbours sold a sack of maize for Ksh11,000.He had 100 sacks which earned him over Ksh 1 million.

If you already have land,you need a capital of as low as Ksh 20,000 to start farming.

Grow vegetables, keep dairy cows, grow avocado, watermelon or fruits. Any kind of farming will make you rich.

  • Cereals business

Nowadays people prefer buying cereals from small shops as compared to supermarkets. Start selling Pishori rice from Mwea, cereals from the village and even maize flour which is not processed from industries.

The business does well in major towns where farming is not done like Mombasa and Nairobi.

A capital of Ksh50, 000-Ksh150, 000 is needed.

  • Butchery

Think about butchery business, this is one of the lucrative businesses in towns. Many people underrate this business but the truth of the matter is, it’s very profitable.

With Ksh100, 000 –Ksh150, 000, you are ready to go. You’ll need Ksh20,000 for licenses and Ksh100,000 for setting the business up.

  • Restaurant

People will always eat in restaurants especially in towns. Restaurant business will never disappoint you as long as your services are good.

You need a capital of Ksh150, 000 for starting a restaurant. You can open a normal food restaurant or a fast food restaurant.

  • Kinyozi, salon and SPA

If you start a Kinyozi, you’ll need Ksh50,000 only but the profit won’t be much but if you start Kinyozi,salon and SPA your profits will be high.



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