Matatu fare transport from Pipeline to Nairobi CBD


If you are boarding matatu from Pipeline to Nairobi CBD, you’ll spend Ksh 80 to Ksh 120 during rush hours and Ksh 30 to Ksh 70 during off peak hours. Rush hours starts from 6am to 10 am during morning hours and 4pm to 9pm during evening hours. During morning hours, rush hours happen when you are heading Nairobi CBD from Pipeline while the evening rush hours happen from Nairobi CBD to Pipeline.

When you are in Town, you board matatus at Ambassador Stage or Accra Road.Embassava, KBS, City Hoppa, City Shuttle and Tawala Sacco are some of the matatus plying the route.

From Pipeline estate, you follow Mombasa Road or Jogoo Road. Nowadays using Mombasa road is better because of the Expressway, most cars use Express Way.

Pipeline is an estate for middle and lower class population. If you want to live in apartment paying Ksh 5,000 to Ksh15, 000 Pipeline is the best estate to relocate to.

You can also live in Imara Daima,Tassia or Utawala which are near Pipeline.


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