The price of renting an Apartment in Kiamunyi Nakuru


If you want to rent an apartment in Kiamunyi Nakuru, you’ll spend Ksh 5,000 to Ksh40, 000 depending on the size of the house. In Kiamunyi, houses are not as expensive as houses in most estates in Nairobi, you can get a single room with even Ksh2,000.

Most houses in Kiamunyi are new, well built with specious rooms. Majority of the apartments contain bedsitters, one bedroom and two bedrooms. A bedsitter in the estate goes for Ksh 4,000 to Ksh8, 000, one bedroom costs Ksh 6,000 to Ksh 13,000 per month while two bedrooms cost Ksh 8,000 to Ksh17, 000 per month. Three bedroom houses are few but if you get one, you’ll be paying Ksh18, 000 to Ksh 35,000 depending on the location of the house.

Kiamunyi is a very quiet estate with class, it’s better and more secure than Mercy Njeri.But one of the problems with this estate is that they don’t have plenty of water, most landlords buy water from boreholes.

If you will be commuting from Kiamunyi to Nakuru CBD, you’ll spend Ksh100 per day.You will take 10-15 minutes from Kiamunyi to Nakuru CBD

Kiamunyi is one of the best estates to live in Nakuru for middle class people. For those getting a transfer from other towns, here is the ideal place to look for a house.


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