How to start a Chemist with Ksh500,000


The capital for starting a Chemist business ranges between Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 500,000.This is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. But for someone who want to start with small capital,Ksh500,000 is ideal.

Below are the things you require in order to start a Chemist Business in Kenya;

1. Rent and deposit- Ksh30,000

2. Shelves, counter, tank and sink- Ksh40,000

3. Light up box- Ksh10,000

4. Shop paint- Ksh10,000

5. Desktop- Ksh30,000

6. Chemist point of sale software- Ksh15,000

7. CCTV and Wi-Fi- Ksh27,000

8. Equipment and supplies such as weighing scale, gloves, scissors, lab coats, packaging etc- Ksh33,000

9. Padlocks, seats, bins, mop, buckets etc- Ksh5,000

10. Licenses- Ksh40,000

11. Stock- Ksh250,000

12. Miscellaneous- Ksh10,000

Statutory requirements

1. Registered business either by sole proprietorship, partnership or limited company.

2. Application in writing for registration of premises and filling of the prescribed forms.

3. Copies of academic certificates of the superintendent pharmaceutical technologist. A copy of diploma/degree certificate in pharmacy must be included.

4. A copy of enrolment certificate by Pharmacy & Poisons Board of Kenya for the superintendent pharmaceutical technologist.

5. Floor plan of the premise.

6. The recommended equipment’s must be in place.

7. A copy of the recommended Reference books at the premise

Nairobi is the best place to start a Chemist especially in Eastleigh.With a starting capital of Ksh 500,000,you will be making Ksh2,000 to Ksh30,000 daily.


  1. Hi,
    I like your breakdown for starting a chemist shop.
    I wouldlike to start one with a capital of 500k.

    Would you help me out. I am in rwanda, i have gathered that capital to start something home.
    My phone +250787463171


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