List of Public Hospitals in Nairobi


Below is a complete list of public hospitals in Nairobi:


  1. Mama Lucy Kibaki District Hospital Location: Umoja, Off Kangundo Road
  • Mbagathi District Hospital Location: Mbagathi way
  • Pumwani Maternity Hospital

Location: General Waruinge street, Eastleigh

Health Centers

1 KAMUKUNJI1.Eastleigh H/C2.Biafra clinic
 Location: Eastleigh Section 7Location:Biafra estate
 3 Pumwani Majengo H/C4. ShauriMoyo
 Location: Gikomba Open airLocation: Shauri Moyo
 marketestate shopping centre
  5. Muthurwa
  Location: Muthurwa
  market/bus terminus
 6. Bahati H/C7. Jerusalem Clinic
 Location: Bahati EstateLocation: Jerusalem estate
2. STAREHE8. Ngaira H/C9. Rhodes Chest clinic
 Location: Off HailesellasieLocation: Ngaira health
 Avenue, next to governmentcentre, next to government
 10. Ngara H/C11. Kariokor Clinic
 Location: Park RoadLocation: Opposite Ziwani
  shopping centre
  12. Pangani Clinic
  Location: Pangani estate
 13. STC Casino H/C 
 Location: Off River Road 
 14. Huruma Lions H/C 
 Location: Huruma Estate, 
 next to Huruma grounds 
 15. Lagos Rd. Disp. 
 Location: Lagos Road, next 
 Marble Arch Hotel 
 16. Mathare Police Depot 
 Location: Mathare Police 
 Post shooting range 
 17. Mathare North H/C 
3. KASARANILocation: Mathare North 
 18. Kariobangi North H/C 
 Location:  Old  Kariobangi 
 19. Kasarani H/C 
 Location: Kasarani DC’s 
 20. Kahawa West H/C 
 Location: Kahawa West 
 21. Babadogo H/C 
 Location: Babadogo road, 
 22. NYS H/C 
 Location: National Youth 
 Service H/Q, Ruaraka 
 23. GSU Hq H/C 
 Location: GSU hq Ruaraka 
 24. Kamiti Prison H/C 
 Location: Kamiti 
 25.Ruiru PSTC 
 Location: Ruiru prison 
 26. CID Hq’s Disp. 
 Location: Nairobi Area 
 Police Hq 
 27. GSU Ruiru Disp. 
 Location: Ruiru GSU camp 
4. WESTLANDS28. Westlands H/C 
 Location: Westlands 
 29. Kangemi H/C 
 Location: Waiyaki way, 
 30. Highridge H/C 
 31 Karura H/C 
 Location: Kiambu rd next to 
 Muthatiga golf club 
 32. Lady Northey H/C33. State House. Clinic
 Location: State House rdLocation: State House
 34. Kabete Approved Sch. 
 Location: Kabete Approved 
 35. State Hse. Dispensary 
 Location: State Hse Girls 
 36. Lower Kabete 
 Location: Lower Kabete 
 37. MjiwaHuruma Disp. 
 Location: MjiwaHuruma, 
 38. KARI 9Muguga) h/C 
 Location:Muguga, Naivasha 
 39.Waithaka H/C 
 Location: Waithaka suburb 
 40.Riruta H/C 
 Location: Riruta shopping 
 41. Ngong Rd H/C42. Woodley Clinic
 Location:KarenLocation: Woodley estate
  Mugo Kibiru rd
 43. Dagoreti Approved Sch. 
 Location: Dagoreti Approved 
 44. Langata H/C45. Jinnah Clinic
 Location: Otiende estateLocation: Langata
 46. Karen H/C 
 Location:Hardy, Karen 
 47. Kibera DO H/C 
 Location:DC’s office 
 48. Langata Women Prison 
 Location: Langata Women 
 49. Nairobi West Prison 
 Location: Nairobi West 
 50.Uhuru camp H/C 
 Location: Uhuru AP camp 
 51.Kibera DO H/C 
 Location: Kibera slums 
 52. KiberaAmref H/C 
 Location: Kibera laini shaba 
 53. GSU Kibera H/C 
 Location: GSU Kibera 
7.EMBAKASI54. Kayole 1 H/C 
 Location: Kayole 1 estate 
 55. Kayole II H/C 
 Location: Kayole II estate 
 56. Umoja H/C 
 Location: Umoja II estate 
 57. Embakasi H/C 
 Location: Embakasi village 
 58. GSU Embakasi H/C 
 Location: GSU Training 
 59.APTC Embakasi H/C 
 Location: APTC Embakasi 
8.NJIRU60. Dandora 1 H/C 
 Location: Dandora 1 estate, 
 Komarok road 
 61. Dandora 11 H/C 
 Location: Dandora II estate 
 63. Njiru H/C 
 Location: Njiiru shopping 
 centre, Kangundo rd 
 64. Kariobangi South Disp. 
 Location: Kariobangi South 
9. MAKADARA65. Makadara H/C66. Mbotela
 Location:Jogoo  rd,  HamzaLocation: Mbotela estate,
 estatejogoo rd
 67. Jericho H/C68. Hono Clinic
 Location: Jericho LumumbaLocation: Hono Cresent
  69. Ofafa 1 Clinic
  Location: Ofafa 1
  70. Maringo Clinic
  Location: Maringo
 71. Loco H/C72 MOW Dispensary
 Location: Nairobi RailwayLocation: MOW sports club
 Station, Industrial area 
 73. Kaloleni Dispensary 
 Location: Kaloleni estate 
 shopping centre 
 74. Railway training75. South B Clinic
 Institute (South B)Location: South B, next to
 Dispensaryshopping centre
 Location: Railway training76. Police Band Dispensary
 Institute (South B)Location: South C
 77. LungaLunga H/C 
 Location: LungaLunga 
 informal settlement 
 78. Nairobi remand Home 
 Location: Industrial area 

NOTE: 1. Facilities no longer operational –

  1. Makadara – P & T, Sanford and Makongeni Clinics
  • New Facilities
  1. Dagoreti – uthiruMutuini
    1. Kasarani – marurui and Korogocho
    1. Embakasi – mukuru– kwa – Njenga H/C


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