15 most expensive estates in Nairobi


While most people prefer living in average estates in Eastlands,there are those monied who prefer rich neighborhoods.Runda,Karen,Kitisuru and Muthaiga are some of the most expensive estates in Nairobi.Here,people pay as high as Ksh300,000 per month.

Below we have compiled a list of most expensive estates in Nairobi and how much you can pay per month for rent:

  1. Runda Estate

Runda is one of the most luxurious estates in Nairobi. Runda is located in the northern part of Nairobi. The name Runda is borrowed from the name of a coffee estate that existed in the area before it became a residential area. The name Runda is an abbreviation for reserved united Nation development area.

The Best Places to Visit in Runda

  • Paradise lost, kiambu
  • Evergreen park, kiambu
  • Vester garden , Runda
  • Magic planet
  • One-off contemporary art gallery
  • Tayiana garden
  • Karura garden
  • Snake park

Rent:Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 400,000 per month

  • Karen Estate

Karen is one of the most expensive estates in Kenya. Karen estate in 19 kilometers southwest of Nairobi city. Its home to some of the prominent people in Kenya.

Karen is named after a Danish author who came to Kenya and settled in Karen to farm coffee. Her full name is Karen Blixena. After Karen went back to her country she donated her home which is currently Karen Blixena museum.

Places to Visit in Karen

  • Talisman Restaurant
  • The Hub Karen
  • Karen Village
  • Nairobi National Park
  • Karen Blixen Museum
  • Giraffe Centre
  • The Oloolua Nature Trail
  • Escape Room Kenya
  • Bomas Of Kenya
  • La Cascina
  • Nairobi Mamba Village

Rent:Ksh 100,000 to Ksh350,000 per month

  • Kitisuru Estate

Kitisuru estate is the one of the most expensive and elegant estate in Nairobi.it is a residential suburb of Nairobi. Kitisuru is a name borrowed from a nearby rive “Gitathuru” which come from the original inhabitants of the area who were kikuyu ethnic group. Kitisuru  is located 9.5 kilometers by road, northwest of central business district Nairobi.

  • Two river theme park
  • Spinners web Kenya Ltd
  • Sigiria- karura forest
  • Kitisuru  manor
  • Golden tulip hotel
  • La Maison Royale hotel

Rent:Ksh 120,000 to Ksh 250,000 per month

  • Muthaiga Estate

Muthaiga is one of the most luxurious estate in Nairobi. It is the home of the late former president  Mwai Kibaki. And also the home of international business leaders and ambassador.

The Places to Visit in Muthaiga

  • Flotish tour & travel safaris
  • The Nairobi arboretum
  • One off contemporary art gallery Ltd
  • Amani garden-karura forest
  • Karura foot path
  • Massai market
  • Kilimani Estate

Kilimani estate is one of the most expensive estates in Nairobi. Kilimani is ranked to be the best commercial and residential estates around Nairobi. Kilimani estate is about 4 kilometers from Nairobi city.it hosts the statehouse and the official residence for the president of Kenya.

The Places to Visit in Kilimani

  • Nairobi national park
  • Giraffe centre
  • Ngong hills
  • Karen Blixen  museum
  • Bomas of Kenya

Rent: Ksh40, 000 to Ksh200, 000 per month

  • Gigiri Estate

Gigiri estate is a fast growing luxurious place in Nairobi. Gigiri estate is one of the most expensive estates in Nairobi. Its 10.2 kilometers from the city via Limuru road.

Places to Visit in Gigiri

  • Giraffe centre
  • Maasai village
  • National museum of Kenya
  • The village market
  • Nairobi national park

Rent:Ksh 120,000 to Ksh450,000 per month

  • Lavington Estate

Lavington estate is one of the most expensive estates in Nairobi. The estate is named after a colonialist British politician Ralph Lavington. The estate is within the Westland large administrative area hence giving you the best access to what the city offers.

The Places to Visit

  • The Travelling Telescope-Nairobi
  • Albery Botanic Garden
  • The Army Museam Bandiana
  • Noreuil Park
  • Lake Hume
  • Rosslyn estate

This is an estate between red hill and Limuru road. Rosslyn estate is one of the most expensive estate in Nairobi .the estate is surrounded by Gigiri, Runda,Kitisuru and Nyari therefore the high end value. It’s a beautiful place with green environments which gives the place fresh air.

The Places to Visit

  • Nairobi Arboretum
  • Nairobi National Museum
  • Karibu Safaris In Kenya
  • Kenyatta International Conference Centre
  • Sopa Lodges Head Office

Rent:Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 300,000 per month

  • Ridgeways Estates

This is an estate for middle- income residential; it’s along Kiambu road in Nairobi city. Ridgeways estate is approx. 10.8 kilometers from the city center. It’s well connected by the main roads from Thika road Westland, Kiambu road and Limuru road.

Places to Visit

  • Windsor Golf And Country Club
  • The Amazon Hotel
  • Ciata City
  • Paa Ya Paa Art Center

Rent:Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 250,000 per month

  1. Nyari Estate

Nyari estate is an upmarket and high-class estate, the estate is located between Ngecha Road,Thingiri Ridge and Red Hill road.Nyari estate have controlled the public service vans, which makes the estate very safe and highly protected.

Places to Visit

  • One off contemporary art gallery Ltd
  • Giraffe centre
  • Nairobi animal orphanage
  • Nairobi safari walk
  • Westlands Estate

Westlands is one of the most expensive and classy estate in Nairobi.it is mini commercial and residential estate. The estate is dominated by both locals and international investors.

High quality of life and social living standards makes it one of the most expensive estate in Nairobi.

Places to Visit

  • Westlands Maasai Market
  • Sarit Centre
  • Soni Shopping Arcade
  • Kempinski
  • Pride Inn Hotel
  • Golden Tulip
  • 40forty Lounge

Rent:Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 200,000 per month

  1. Riverside Estate

Riverside estate is an upmarket commercial estate neighboring some of the expensive estates in Nairobi.it hosts some of the best residential apartments and homes.

  1. Kyuna Estate

The estate is considered expensive because it in between expensive estate like Loresho and Spring Valley. The estate is located between Waiyaki way, Kyuna Road and Loresho.

  1. Spring Valley

Spring Valley is located in northwest of Nairobi city, it’s a small estate. Although is considered to be a small estate it is one of the most expensive estate in Nairobi because of the location and the environment.

  1. Loresho Estate

Loresho estate is a very expensive and classy estate. Like Spring Valley it’s to a small estate. It’s considered to be an affiliate of the expensive Kitisuru estate in the Westlands area. The place has good and modern apartments.


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