Do you know which the most marketable courses in Kenya are? Well, here is a list of top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya 2023

  1. Medicine

 Medicine has been the most marketable course over the years. It takes time to study medicine, but the fruits later on are nice. It is not easy to be a medic, it must be a passion, if not it might be exhausting. One might want to quit before the practice. It is marketable due to a shortage of qualified and specialized doctors. The learners have many options to choose from. We have; surgery dentistry, physiotherapy, medical science, medical laboratory technology and homeopathic medicine.

2. Digital Marketing

It deals with good and services but in the digital platforms. They include websites, social media platforms, and video channels. Due to technological advancements, companies will need more individuals with digital marketing skills to handle their social media pages and to market their products in a digital way. Graduates with a degree in digital marketing can choose from various employment options such as Digital marketing, web design and digital graphics.

3. Nursing

This is one of the most demanding jobs in Kenya. As the population in Kenya increases, more nurses are required to help out in dealing with patients. They ensure patients receive proper medical care. They are needed in both private and public health facilities. Nurses are needed everywhere because of the care they give.

4. Agriculture and related studies

The food production industry in Kenya has grown over the past few years. More and more Kenyan students are realizing that the methods used are not sustainable yet the industry is extremely profitable. Food provision relies heavily on agriculture and People cannot survive without food. It is a great opportunity for the people who would like to venture into it and also for those who would like to consume.

5. Journalism

There are many career opportunities for people who have done journalism. One can work at a media station or chose to be self-employed. Nowadays, people do podcasts, blogs and content creating individually. Once you have the skills, it is easy to manoeuvre and create something worthwhile. A degree in journalism provides knowledge in Journalism’s history, ethics, styles for creating print, broadcast, and digital content. The use of social media is growing which has created several openings for intelligencers. The most well- liked journalism programs correspond of: Mass communication and Journalism, photojournalism, multimedia and radio and TV production.

6. Special Needs Education

According to reports, Kenya, just like numerous other nations, lacks sufficient special education preceptors. The course enables students to know how to instruct scholars who have literacy problems and other difficulties. Such children include; autistic children, hearing impaired, visually impaired and the mentally and physically challenged. One can get employed as a day care educator, special education school teacher or an academic director with a degree in special needs education.

7. Project Management

The course focuses on planning, organizing and carrying out systems. It gives one the knowledge on how to manage enterprises and plans inside an association.  Kenya is still developing, such skills and knowledge is important and will always be needed in public systems and marketable sectors. It is one of the most marketable programs provided.

8. Law

If one has passion for the legal system, then law is a good place to be. In both public and marketable sectors, the nation needs more judges, attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals as the old ones retire. There will always be cases to be solved and handled, controversies and new laws that need to be understood.

9. Marketing

It involves developing strategies to acquire a service or product from the target request. Many companies are in such of good marketers. They ensure that the products and services move and are circulating. Once the products are on demand they are able to keep it that way through new ways of promoting the brand and creating interest.

10. Computer Science

Most people, companies and organizations are searching for computer gurus, people who can manipulate the computer. That involves, creation, speed, use, and keeping of colourful computer systems and technologies. Compute wisdom can lead one to many career including; cyber security, data analysis, software engineering, systems analyst and web developing.

11. Information Technology

This course has many subjects to choose from. Once can study Database Administration, Programming, website design and system analysis. In the current day, a lot of businesses are in need of good IT specialists. It is not limited to employment; one can start a business or find freelance work.

12. Computer Security and Forensics

An expert in this area is entrusted with gathering and examining evidence from network intrusions, computer hacks, and data breaches. This helps resolve or avoid the offense. As the world becomes a global village and everybody is connected, cybercrimes are becoming more and more rampant. The government and different private organisations are looking for individuals who can stop, prevent or reduce such cases.

13. Procurement and Logistics

The aim of this course is to reduce operating costs, keeping accurate supplies, and relating downsides and inefficiencies. Companies and organizations are need of people who can increase profit, drop costs and get the most out of their products and services. There will always be a need for those with an expertise in procurement and logistics.

14. Monitoring and evaluation

This course gives the learners the skills they need to conceptualize, design, and carry out systems. The monitoring part offers the necessary data, and the assessment aspect helps in the company’s understanding of the successes of each program. The monitoring and evaluation course is important because businesses will always want to know how to use their limited resources. The course allows one to work in the following areas; health, education, law and governance, human rights, youth-focused programming and agriculture.

15. Real estate management

The Kenya real estate sector has been growing at a very high rate. It still has room for expansion and that suggests that job opportunities will be there continuously. Graduates are employable in the; Fintech construction, real estate marketing and mortgage companies. It is one of the many short courses in Kenya that are only given at select many universities.

16. Civil Engineering

This course deals with planning, structuring and maintaining both natural and manmade surroundings, similar to sewage systems, roadways, heads, conduits and channels. Kenya is one of the countries in East Africa with the quickest economies. This shows that in the rate at which structure systems are authorized and started is accelerating.

17. Business Information Technology

The course blends business and technology together. Every establishment currently needs to keep up with the latest technology tools. It is an added advantage for someone if they have studied business and technology together. It reduces the work for the employers; they only have to hire one individual. This helps in reducing costs and makes the employee or the graduate a valuable asset to the organization.

18. GIS and remote sensing

 This is one of Kenya’s most uncommon but also most marketable courses. As consumer electronics come more effective, so does the desire for data and meaningful information. This course is relatively fascinating in terms of career options because of the openings that space disquisition opens up. Some of the courses include; geographical information systems and mapping, advanced satellite imagery analysis and processing, building and managing geospatial data bases and mobile mapping using GPS and GIS smartphone app.

19. Statistics.

A majority of Universities in Kenya offer this course. It is one of the most marketable courses because of its demand in many places such as; the government, commercial and non-profit departments. Statistics can also be used in scientific exploration fields including economics, drug demography, psychology, and advertising.

20. Pharmacopoeia

They provide standards for pharmaceutical substances and medicinal products. Standards are an important tool in the regulation of the quality medicines. They job depends highly on ethics and being specific. In Kenya, there has been a demand for and professional health services. Because of this, pharmacopoeias are very important to Kenyan frugality.

21. Quantity Surveying

A degree is quantity surveying gives scholars the academic and practical abilities they need to solve problems in civil engineering conceptually and analytically. Volume surveyors are in high demand, due to the increasing structural development in Kenya. The course revolves around; construction measurement, construction management and law, and economics of construction

22. Actuarial Science

Actuaries are in charge of helping businesses boost their income by controlling dangers. They deal with finances, mathematics, data and controlling threats. They can be employed in; financial services, risk management, banking sector and pension funds. The amount of profit a company gets is determined by their ability to manage risks.

23. Architecture

The world today is full of unique buildings and new styles in terms of structures. With Kenya being a developing country, architects are in demand. New structures are constantly being built while others are still being thought of. Architects make major changes in terms of creating and negotiating physical effects. They are the people responsible for the new designs that are erected in our different cities.

24. Bachelor of Commerce plus CFA

A CFA course increases the value of a B. com by equipping the scholar with knowledge of asset allocation, portfolio operation, and investment analysis. Kenya’s economic requests are always increasing and thus will be in constant need of such experts. They are refined in the areas of; insurance and threat operation, finance banking and account marketing.

25. Software Engineering

It is one of the top courses offered in Kenya. It deals with the creation and keeping of software systems. The field of software engineering is massive. One can get employed in many fields after studying this course. It concentrates on; introductory information technology, machine literacy, programming and computer knowledge.

26. Mechanical Engineering

It is the study of physical machines involving force and movement. It is an office of engineering that designs, analyses, manufactures, and maintains mechanical systems by merging engineering drugs and mathematical principle with accoutrements wisdom. It is one of the oldest and most diverse engineering disciplines.

27. Bachelor of Technology Degree in applied Chemistry

The specialists usually study a variety of accoutrements similar to essence composites, organic and inorganic composites, polymers and proteins among others. They also conduct introductory exploration on the subject as well as artificial operations. Graduates work is government departments, parastatals, R&D institutes, Cosmetics, petroleum and oil painting industry and water purification.

28. Telecommunication and Information Engineering

This program covers both telecommunication wisdom and Engineering. It provides both practical and theoretical training in both fields. Graduates work in telecommunications enterprises similar to mobile phone companies, internet service providers (ISPs), communication parastatals, and media companies, among others. Digital signal processing, Optic dispatches, Images processing, microprocessor design, computer communication and Tele business engineering are some of the specializations covered.

29. Mechatronic Engineering

They combine mechanical engineering systems with computer systems, electronics, and slice-edge controls. Through this they can produce further effective automotive like hard-hearted buses and robotic wheel chairs among other effects. Graduates find employment in diligence similar to automakers, manufacturing, gas and oil, painting, mining, defence, transportation, robotics and aeronautics. These people can also fill jobs in engineering places and electrical fashions.

30. Bachelor of Film and Animation

The film industry is growing at a very high rate, as technology is updated so are the film characters and designs. The number of likes and viewers one gets depends on the creativity and how different the creation is. For one to be an animator, they must have gone through training on camera operation, script, and conception development. Their classes include sound design, film editing, and directing, video creation, game creation, digital animation, 3D design and film prepositions.


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