12 Things That Will Ruin Your Finances and make you poor in Kenya


There are small things you will do in Kenya that will ruin your finances completely and make you poor forever .If you want the money you have earned not to be depleted, avoid doing these things:

  1. Taking your kids to schools you can’t afford because of status
  2. Friendships/ relationships you can’t sustain [you’re always going into debt to afford hanging out with them]
  3. Tithing in Church without a plan- it’s good to tithe but don’t sell your land or car or take a loan to take the money to your pastor, be wise
  4. Living in apartments you can’t afford in order to “set standards”
  5. Bad habits such as drugs, alcohol, gambling and promiscuity
  6. Not working hard/ not being aggressive- you need to make money, otherwise you will remain broke
  7. Not budgeting your money- this leads to overspending and impulse purchases
  8. Overdoing celebrations such as birthdays, baby showers, baby reveals, your village chief’s birthday etc
  9. Not planning for your future/retirement
  10. Having a poor credit score and taking mobile app loans, shylock loans etc
  11. Visiting witchdoctors for protection
  12. Not having health insurance


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