How to Prepare Mursik, Health Benefits


Mursik is basically a traditionally fermented milk variant of the Kalenjin people of Kenya. It is usually made from goat or cow milk, which is fermented in a specially designed gourd locally known as Sotet.

The gourd is prepared by lining with soot harvested from specific tree species found within the locality. Mursik is taken as a delicacy by the Kalenjin community, as it is believed to aid in the prevention of constipation as well as the prevention of kidney ailments.

 The Kalenjin community lives primarily in Kenya. They are an ethnic grouping of eight culturally and linguistically related groups, that is, the Kipsigis, Nandi, Tugen, Keiyo, Marakwet, Pokot (sometimes called the Suk), Sabaot (who live in the Mount Elgon region, overlapping the Kenya/Uganda border), and the Terik. Their present-day homeland is Kenya’s Western highlands and the Rift Valley.

The preparation of mursik requires knowledge and expertise. Culturally speaking, this unique dairy product is recognized for its nutritional value and prized by athletes, most of whom have been drinking it since childhood.

 In general, whole milk is first boiled and poured in a gourd, and left-over fermented milk acting as a starter culture for the new fermentation process to be added. These components are mixed well before the gourd is sealed and left to ferment for about five days in room temperature.

Some days before the milk is treated, a small branch of an Itet tree (Senna didymobotrya) is debarked and allowed to dry. One end of this stick is first burned in a fire and then rubbed on the inner surface of a cleaned gourd.

This is repeated severally until the gourd is fully coated inside with charcoal dust. This process reduces the porosity of the gourd and improves the flavour. Some Kalenjin groups also add small quantities of blood obtained from prickling a vein in the neck region of a healthy bull, and from which fibrin has been removed by gentle stirring.

Addition of blood can impact them

  • Health benefits of Mursk

Mursik helps in strengthening bones.It also boosts immunity.The milk is proven to be rich in calcium which is the reason Kalenjins are great runners.

The milk also helps in digestion.


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