Best Law Firms in Kenya


When looking for the best law firm in Kenya,go for one that wins cases.Pick a lawyer that is not only cheap that one that will defend you to the end.Below is a list of best law firms in Kenya:

  • RAALC law firm: This Company has been around for thirty years and is co-owned by Ehab Essam, who also serves as the CEO. They take pleasure in upholding the highest ethical and professional standards while offering their customers high-quality services. To better serve their clients, the law company likewise blends technology and the law.

The RAAC law practice is home to a diverse group of sophisticated, excellence-driven attorneys from around the globe. Criminal law, litigation and dispute resolution, banking and finance, arbitration and mediation, insurance, trademark registration, real estate, intellectual property law, corporate and commercial law, taxation law, maritime, aviation law, construction and infrastructure, medical negligence, and international hotels are among the specialties they offer. They provide legal advice, legal training, guidance on business exit plans, tax preparation, and accounting services, among other things. It is significant to note that the company may employ up to 241 people.

  • Miller & Company: This 1998-founded firm is made up of highly skilled individuals who are current with modern technology. Miller and Company, which has locations in both Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, is renowned for its accessibility. Alternative dispute, media, advertizing and marketing, corporate practice and company law, commercial law, criminal law and employment and labour relations law etc.
  • Musyimi & Company: When it first started out, the company’s main area of expertise with corporate clients was conveyance. But as its clientele developed and it moved into more states, the business over time boosted its services and other areas.

The company is a value-driven law practice that aims to provide clients with legal services in an effective manner. It is noteworthy that the organization has been operating for more than 24 years and has provided services in 20 different nations. Adoptions and guardianship, business and corporate law, conveyance and property law, litigation, family law, and mediation are among the practice areas of the firm. Nairobi, Kenya, is where it’s situated.

  • Coulson Harney LLP; One of the largest law companies in Kenya, Coulson Harney LLP is renowned for providing high-quality legal services, first-rate client care, and excellent representation. Given their success thus far with their activities in court and outside of it with regard to the situations of their clients, the firm has worked in partnership with Bowman Gilfilan since 2009 to ensure that the company’s reputation is at its highest. Dispute resolution, intellectual property, corporate and commercial, and banking and finance are some of the areas of specialization.
  • Denton Hamilton Harrison & Mathews (HH&M); It has been around since 1902 and has developed a reputation for quality and creativity. Due to its continuity, reputation, and experience in the legal industry, it is typically the “go-to” firm for potential clients in need of legal services. Since they only hire the finest of the best, it is frequently referred to as the “home of experts”. Arbitration, business formation, trust and consumer protection, administration of the Constitution and laws, employment and employee benefits, estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and private equity, restructuring, insolvency, and bankruptcy are some of the areas of specialization.
  • Walker Kontos; Since its founding in 1988, this company has worked to achieve greatness. It is widely acknowledged as being among the greatest law firms in Kenya and has received recognition for this from respectable publications, including Legal 500 and IFLR, to name just two. The Walter Kontos firm has expanded as a result of its growth and service extension across East, Central, and West Africa. They offer these law services; Administration, finance, and banking law, Finance for businesses and projects, financial markets.
  • Iseme, Kamau & Maema (IKM) Advocates; This firm, which ranks among the top law firms in Kenya, was founded in 1987 by the late Michael Iseme. This comes as no surprise given that the firm has a partnership with DLA Piper, another reputable law firm. Two minds are supposedly preferable to one.
  • Prof Albert Mumma & Company Advocates; It is one of the top legal organizations in Kenya. They have a reputation for providing high-quality advice and vigorous client advocacy. Litigation and dispute resolution, public-private partnerships, property law, construction law and governance, employment and labor relations, public procurement, and non-profit organization law are just a few of their areas of expertise.
  • Mmc Law Africa; Previously known as Muriu Mungai and Company Advocates, MMC is one of Kenya’s top-rated legal companies. Since its founding in 1995, it has made an effort to be the best. This has paid off, as the business has since grown and now has two headquarters: one in Nairobi and one in Mombasa. Some of the areas they specialize in are; mergers and acquisition, intellectual property, banking law, finance law, real estate, dispute resolution, due diligence, labour law and employment law, energy.
  • Daly and Inamdar Advocates; One of Kenya’s top law companies, Daly and Inamdar Advocate, has offices in Nairobi and Mombasa. The law firm was created through the amalgamation of Daly and Figgis, two of the oldest and most reputable law firms in Kenya. This company’s love for the community is a key characteristic, and they always look for ways to give back to it. Among their charitable endeavors are: Operation Smile is a charitable project that offers operations to children with abnormalities. The Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon, Safaricom Challenge/Lewa Foundation; a charity project for building schools for the community at Lewa. Here are some areas they specialize in;
  • Dispute resolution, employment, providing legal services and backing in real estate and construction, privatization and projects, capital market, foreign direct investment, mining and energy etc.
  • CR Advocates LLP; CR Advocates LLP is a Kenya-based, forward-thinking national legal firm with an expanding international business. The Firm is a full-service law firm that specializes in Commercial Corporate law and related practice areas and has more than 20 years of combined experience. The law firm of CR Advocates LLP, which was established, has since served more than 5,000 satisfied clients from all over the world in a range of practice areas with a team of more than 25 specialists, and it is continually growing.
  • Ong’aya Ombo Advocates; The Nairobi, Kenya, office of this full-service law practice is registered in the Republic of Kenya. The firm focuses in offering individuals and corporations in Kenya and overseas targeted strategic legal services. Their goal is to inform clients on the social, political, and/or economic factors that can affect their decisions in addition to offering clients Strategic Legal Services (SLS). Additionally, they promote the growth of their clients by providing economically priced services to their customers.
  • FM Muteti & Co Advocates; With locations in Kenya and clients all over the world, FM Advocates is a reputable, full-service corporate and litigation law firm. Their team of six (6) top attorneys is made up of renowned legal specialists who place a strong emphasis on their clients’ demands while also possessing business acumen, innovation, and market knowledge.

They uphold the value of being straightforward and easy to work with while giving clients specially developed useful and cutting-edge solutions. They have a wide range of professional specialties, including immigration, litigation and conflict resolution, intellectual property, real estate, civil and human rights, and insurance family. The Firm is one of the most renowned and esteemed litigation and conflict resolution law firms in the country.

  • A.B Patel & Patel; it is a well-known law firm that offers a comprehensive array of legal, corporate secretarial, and consultancy services. With a firm foundation built on efficiency, ethical discipline, accuracy, integrity, excellence, and creativity, late C.K. Kanji, a prominent commercial lawyer in Kenya and a partner in the firm for more than 55 years, played a crucial role in ensuring the firm’s steady growth over time. A.B. Patel & Patel is one of Kenya’s oldest continuously operating law companies, having been founded in 1922. The company is a renowned Mombasa-based business and commercial law firm with a significant national and international activity. The firm has accumulated a plethora of experience in business litigation over the years.
  • Abdullahi, Gitari & Odhiambo Advocates LLP (AGO); by offering a wide variety of cutting-edge legal services to their unique mix of Clients, they take great pride in their diversity. AGO is dedicated to provide customers professional legal services that are efficient, effective, and of the highest caliber. To this end, the firm combines its youth, area of expertise, and unconstrained ambition to create solutions that are specifically tailored to each client’s unique set of legal requirements. In order to provide clients with extra value, they also augment their internal capacity by creating strategic alliances and consortia with top specialists in the majority of economic sectors, both locally and regionally.
  • AhmedNasir, Abdikadir & Company Advocates; The renowned law company Ahmednasir, Abdikadir & Company Advocates represents clients in all legal matters. Their diverse, strategic approach has produced a successful track record.
  • Anjarwalla & Khanna; is a renowned law practice in East Africa that has assisted numerous companies in setting up shop in Kenya. The business has a remarkable history in several areas and has offices in Nairobi and Mombasa as well as more than 50 attorneys. In a number of business fields, including as mergers and acquisitions, oil and gas, real estate, infrastructure, energy, and natural resources, as well as tax, banking, and finance litigation and dispute resolution, A&K partners are regarded as the best. Banks, private equity firms, property developers, governmental and non-profit organizations, among many others, both locally and globally, are among its clientele.
  • Muthaura Mugambi Ayugi & Njonjo Advocates (MMAN); is a renowned corporate law practice in Kenya that strives to offer its clients creative and practical legal solutions. The dedication to provide clients with a great experience through comprehending their needs and going above and beyond their expectations is key to the firm’s culture. MMAN provides broad advising and transactional legal services, particularly in the areas of real estate, banking and finance, corporate commercial, employment and pensions, infrastructure and projects, and intellectual property.

The law firm serves the public sector, SMEs, and large corporations. The company also provides consulting services to domestic and international clients, many of whom come from the industries the company has identified as its primary focus areas, including agribusiness, financial services, energy, engineering and construction, integrated marketing communications, retirement benefits, telecommunications, and transport.

  • Oraro & Co Advocates; This Kenyan law firm offers top-notch, comprehensive services. Corporate and commercial, dispute resolution, intellectual property, real estate, conveyancing, securities, and tax are some of the firm’s strong suit areas. Some of Kenya’s top legal brains are part of its alliance, and its attorneys have received recognition from a number of top worldwide legal directories, including Chambers Global, IFLR 1000, and Legal 500.

Oraro & Co Advocates is well known for its considerable contributions to Kenya’s legal profession, work on some of the country’s biggest deals, and contribution to Kenyan jurisprudence (through its formidable dispute resolution unit). The firm, which was founded 39 years ago by George Oraro SC (one of Kenya’s top litigators), provides customers with local knowledge and a gateway to the solid commercial relationships it has forged locally, regionally, and internationally.

  • Prof. Albert Mumma & Company Advocates; A medium-sized law business with its headquarters in Nairobi, Prof. Albert Mumma and Company Advocates has a stellar reputation in the legal, professional, and consulting fields for the excellence of its work, its integrity, and its responsiveness to customers’ demands. In 1995, Prof Albert Mumma & Company Advocates was officially established. After joining up with another firm in 1998, it first operated as a partnership before restarting operations under its former name.

The firm’s professional team is well qualified academically and enjoys good relationships with a variety of clients in the public sector, civil society, and commercial world. Due to its unmatched competence in the field of legal consultancy services at the international, regional, and national levels, the firm has a special reputation among Kenyan law firms and has advised


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