List of Real Estate Companies in Nairobi


Below is a list of best real estate companies in Nairobi that sell land, apartments and houses:

  • Optiven Enterprise Limited

With a slightly different approach, Optiven Enterprise purchases land from middle- and low-income earners before offering it for sale.

The company is on track to fulfil its purpose of providing a wonderful transforming environment for its personnel, customers, and other stakeholders thanks to its subsidiaries Optiven Construction and Optiven Water. As the 68th best brand out of 1000 major super brands in East Africa that were shortlisted, Optiven has established itself as a household name.

  • Hayer One Group

For clients, Hayer One creates, constructs, and insures real estate. The business holds the view that assisting others in their success is the simplest path to prosperity. It has an enduring group of bankers, consultants, contractors, suppliers, and employees. Homes from the Hayer One Group are affordably priced, enjoy lovely landscape views, and are private.

  • Homescope Property Limited

The mission of Homescope Properties Limited is to make the construction process enjoyable. Exceptional quality is guaranteed at every level of resource acquisition, design, and construction by their highly qualified team. The goal of Homescope Properties is to become the top development advisors and contractors in the world market

  • Pam Golding Properties Kenya

Pam Golding Properties is a Kenyan real estate firm with South African roots. The business deals with leasing, property management, residential and commercial sales, etc. The software used by Pam Golding Properties also creates financial and administrative reports and papers that landlords and tenants can examine.

  • Knight Frank Kenya

Very few people who are in the real estate thing do not know Knight Frank Kenya. The company is known for its plethora of property development opportunities. It’s a leading real estate agent not only in Kenya, but it has also established serious roots in countries such as Uganda and Tanzania. So, this is a regional real estate player. Knight Frank trading grounds both in residential and commercial properties. Which means that it’s got access to both types and has helped thousands of people to locate their best properties, land or houses.

Few people who work in the real estate industry are unfamiliar with Knight Frank Kenya. The business is renowned for its abundance of chances for real estate development. It is a top real estate broker not only in Kenya, but it has also deep roots other nations like Tanzania and Uganda. This is a regional player in the real estate market. Knight Frank engages in both residential and commercial real estate trading. Which means it has access to both types and has assisted thousands of people in finding their ideal properties, whether they be homes, land, orboth.

  • Villa Care Limited

The next player in the real estate market is Villa Care Kenya Limited, which offers real estate and property management services to private sector clients, as well as to individuals and governmental organisations. Among the prestigious real estate firms in Kenya, Villa Care Kenya has established a solid reputation. It is well known for its extensive range of services. The realtor takes great satisfaction in the outstanding services it offers in terms of both commercial and residential property management. providing landlords with top-notch accounting services relating to rent collection and management. Additionally, it oversees building, land, and real estate projects from inception to completion, bringing project owners peace of mind. Joint ventures and real estate marketing are now important tactics.

  • Hass Consultants

Over the course of Nairobi City, the HassConsult Real Estate has established its basis. It provides top-notch investment projects that bring in strong rental yields and capital growth for the investors. The business was founded in 1922. Additionally, it provides services including joint venture finance and marketing, new property development, and consulting for the letting, selling, and maintaining of both residential and commercial properties.

  • Dryden international

Purchase, rent, sell, let, ascertain the financial value of, or have Ryden International Limited manage a property. The business can assist you in choosing the ideal real estate investment. As a Member of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya, Iain Illingworth relocated to Kenya in 1995 and founded Ryden International. The business deals with residential properties such homes, apartments, farms, ranches, and beachfront property.

  •  Home universal

Over ten subsidiaries that offer services like property development and management, sales and letting, property valuations, and even interior design make up the Homes Universal real estate developers in Kenya. When it comes to foreseeing market demands, Homes Universal has been active. Thanks to its numerous subsidiaries, the realtor swiftly adapts to deliver exactly the services convenient to the client by observing market changes.

  • Diamond

According to Diamond Properties, they are the nation’s multi-award winning leaders in real estate investment. According to Diamond Properties, a large number of people and companies have become much wealthier as a result of its contribution. The Top 100 Mid-sized Companies in Kenya awarded this property developer first place overall in 2016–2017 and second place in 2018–2019. Indicating that it is a reputable real estate firm.Diamond Properties boasts of 4 things: the best deals, the finest value, knowledgeable professionals, and a 24/7 work-around. In just 19 years, 50 stages were finished, and 3770 titles were granted.

  •  Lloyd Masika ltd

The Lloyd Masika Ltd, one of the most reputable real estate brands in Kenya, is also worthy of honourable notice. Its primary pursuits in Kenya include acting as an estate agent and offering expert valuation services. In reality, since its founding in 1979, Lloyd Masika has established three crucial departments for its operations: the department of valuation/consultancy, the department of management, and the department of agency or letting and sales. The organisation has a sizable clientele of both commercial and residential customers. This comprises private property owners, governmental organisations, financial institutions, insurance providers, agricultural businesses, motels, etc.

  •   Surayya Properties

As Suraya Properties continues to establish itself in the market, it is winning over investors. The group is now working on a variety of significant projects all around Nairobi City. The Spring Valley Mall, the Falls at Riverside, the Terrace at Lavington, the Lynx at Ngong, and numerous more projects fall within this category. The brand is proud of its quality, accessibility, ingenuity, and lifestyle.

  • Azizi Realtors

One of the legitimate real estate firms in Kenya is Azizi Realtors. The company specialises in luxury real estate across the entire nation, including Nairobi and its surroundings. Azizi Realtors was established to provide expert real estate consulting through honesty and openness. The business views the real estate you want to buy, sell, rent, or lease as a priceless asset

  •  Dinara Developers

Although there are many real estate firms in Kenya, it can be difficult to crack the top 20. It indicates that Dinara Developers has placed a high priority on the reliability of the services it provides. For buyers, sellers, and renters alike, Dinara provides a wide range of great services. No matter whatever category its clients now belong under, this realtor will give them the prompt assistance they require.

  •   Dunhill Consulting Ltd

Dunhill Consulting Limited, founded in 2003, has grown to be a true giant in the real estate sector. The company sells real estate nationwide, including both residential and commercial properties Simplicity, economy, and hassle-freeness are the driving forces behind this organisation. Valuations, the development and management of real estate and other properties are among the services offered.

  • Crystal Valuers Limited

A company called Crystal Valuers Limited specialises in expert real estate services such property appraisals, management, selling, and lettings, as well as property consultancy. Although the realtor has offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Thika, it offers its services all throughout the nation.

  •   Ark Consultancy Limited

The number of sellers and purchasers in the real estate market has increased. One of the important businesses enjoying its honeymoon phase is Ark Consultancy Limited, which thrills its clients with excellent expert property consultancy services.

Whether a person, corporation, or public agency is wanting to buy, sell, or rent something, Ark Consultancy has been on the lookout to satisfy their demands.

  • Gimco

Gimco has 38 years of real estate experience, along with professionally qualified professionals who can provide you with the precise services you require.

Gimco has operations in all of East and Central Africa in addition to Kenya. Therefore, the organisation will promptly answer your needs whether it be for project creation, management, or appraisals.

  •   Royani Properties Limited

The industry veteran is not Royani Properties Limited. However, it is calculating statistics for the expanding consumer base. With Royani, you can easily purchase desirable real estate in the Capital (and neighbouring areas) or dispose of it. The real estate agent has put in place effective mechanisms to guarantee maximum process efficiency.

  • Vaal Property

The Vaal Property Company offers upscale homes situated in some of Nairobi’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. Even on upscale Riverside Drive, you can find real estate. Additionally, this organisation also offers modern villas and homes.


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