How to plan Ksh 10,000 salary in Kenya


In Kenya there are many people who earn Ksh 10,000.The money is so little that planning for it is normally hard. But there is a way you can manage it to avoid debts and loans.

With a salary of Ksh10, 000, your monthly rent will be Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 3,000.The rent should not exceed Ksh 3,000.

Avoid buying maize flour, buy maize and take it to the posho mill, it’s cheap. You have to stop taking alcohol, you have to avoid women. This money is not enough to afford luxuries.

After paying rent of Ksh2, 000, you will remain with Ksh8, 000.Spend Ksh 4,000 on shopping for that money. You will remain with Ksh 4,000.Spend Ksh 2,000 on food and remain with Ksh2, 000.You will save Ksh 500 and remain with Ksh1, 500 for miscellaneous expenses.

The Ksh 500 you will be saving should be saved in a Sacco, Money Market or Fixed Deposit account. You will use it to start a profitable business in future.

One mistake you should avoid is taking loans,especially mobile loans when your salary is small.You should also avoid betting.Another thing to avoid completely is owning a car,it will be a burden to you.


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