Is Ksh 50,000 good salary in Kenya?


If your monthly salary in Kenya is Ksh 50, 000,you are not earning a good salary especially in Nairobi. But in the village, Ksh 50,000 is a good salary.

For people working in Nairobi, a good salary starts from Ksh 100,000.If your monthly pay is Ksh 100, 000, you are capable of renting an apartment in places like Donhold where rent range between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 25,000.You will pay school fee for your children and save some cash.

A good salary is one that caters for basic needs, luxuries, miscellaneous expenses and some remain for savings and investments. In Nairobi, if one is earning Ksh 50,000,he will be forced to live in estates for low income earners where rent does not exceed Ksh 7,000.With this pay, you can’t afford some luxuries, your budget is restricted. A salary of Ksh 50,000 is not enough for savings, it can’t buy you a car.

But in small towns and rural areas,Ksh 50,000 is a good salary. The rent will not exceed Ksh 5,000.Most of the food will be obtained from the farm.Generally,life is cheap in the village.

If your salary is Ksh 50, 000,you will be able to save Ksh 20,000 and above in the village. Open a fixed deposit account and earn interest,save in Money Market Fund or bonds.You can also join a Sacco,buy shares and take loans for business and investing in land.

It’s always advantageous to work in the village when your salary is small.


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