How to replace a lost KCPE or KCSE examination certificate


You can lose your KCPE or KCSE certificate in Kenya. If it happens, you MUST replace it because it’s required during employment, further studies, promotions and interviews. Nowadays the certificate can be replaced, it’s not like sometime back where the process was almost impossible.

Process to be followed

  1. Log into the KNEC portal and click on lost certificate;
  2. Fill in the details and upload the required documents; and
  3. Pay the required fee and collect the certificate at the KNEC offices after 15 days.

Documents required

  1. Affidavit for lost certificate.
  2. Copy of certificate(s) or result slip(s). Only KCPE result slips from 2013 are accepted.
  3. Letter of recommendation addressed to the CEO of KNEC from either the Head teacher or Sub-County Director of Education (SCDE)/County Director of Education (CDE) for private candidates and closed down schools.
  4. Police Abstract indicating loss of certificate(s).
  5. Letter of recommendation from employer to KNEC (where applicable).
  6. Copy of National ID or passport.
  7. For minors: original birth certificate accompanied with original ID of the parent/guardian.
  8. Original confirmation from the Registrar of persons on the identity of the applicant.
  9. For those whose names have changed: original Certificate of marriage or copy of Gazette notice in which the changed name appears.
  10. One colour passport size photo of the Applicant.

How safely to keep your certificate

Before you lose your certificate make sure it’s safely stored. Avoid putting it in a place where your spouse or young children can get. In case of a disagreement, your spouse may hide it or tear it into pieces.

The best way to keep the original one is to talk with your bank and let them keep the original for you. You only remain with copies of the certificate.

You can also keep it in a reputable law firm, which is run professionally.

Avoid keeping all your certificates, title deeds and other documents in one place in the house. Banks are the best place to keep such documents because they are safe.


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