Cost of building a 4 storey building in Kenya


The cost of constructing a 4 storey building in Kenya range between Ksh 30 million and 40 million. There are many factors which determine the cost, like cost of construction materials, size of the house, type of soil, cost of labour and location of the building.

Before constructing a house, you need to go for approval. Your county government has to approve it, NCA and NEMA should also approve the plan. The cost of approval ranges between Ksh 300,000 and Ksh 500,000. You should have structural and architectural plans which must be approved by NCA

Another important thing to do is to ensure that you are the one supervising the construction of the project. If you delegate the duties, the cost of construction will go up because the ones doing the work will inflate the prices.

You should also identify a reliable supplier of materials who can supplies even on credit. He should also be honest. Some suppliers will supply 10 tons of concrete and claim they are 14, then charge you for 14 tones. You will lose Ksh 7,000 from 1 lorry. By the time the building is complete, you’d have lost over Ksh100,000 from supply of concrete alone.

Majority of the money will go for slabs and the foundation. You will spend Ksh 15 million and above on this. Materials will cost Ksh 5 million to Ksh 7 million while labour will cost Ksh 4 million.

Cost of constructing 4 storey building based on location

Nairobi—Ksh 40 million

Mombasa—Ksh 35 million

Nakuru—Ksh 25 million

Kisii—Ksh 25 million

Eldoret—Ksh 30 million

Machakos—Ksh 25 million

Kiambu—Ksh 35 million

Kisumu—Ksh 35 million

How to build a 4 storey building easily in Kenya

If you don’t have capital, get asset loan from a Bank. You will get a loan of Ksh 20 million and above. The money will help you build the house and start charging rent. If the house is located in Nairobi, you will earn rental income of Ksh 200,000 and above monthly. You will be repaying Ksh 150,000 loan monthly.

Another easy way of constructing is to do it in bits. Construct the foundation and ground floor. Use rent from the ground floor to build other floors. It will take long to complete the house but you will avoid taking loans, which are painful to repay.

You can also partner with other individuals, pool resources to build the house. You will share profits based on the contribution by each partner.

What if you will not be physically there to supervise the construction?

In case you are abroad, look for a reliable construction company, pay them to construct the house in your absence. You will agree in advance the amount of money they will charge for the entire project.

Never engage your friends and family members in any of your projects, they will betray you.

Breakdown of construction cost

Foundation—Ksh 3 million to Ksh 5 million

4 slabs—Ksh 5 million

Roofing—Ksh 1.2 million to Ksh 2 million

Walling—Ksh 3 million

Labour—Ksh 4 million to Ksh 6 million

Finishing—Ksh 6 million to Ksh 10 million


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