Things to do in your 20s and things to avoid in your 20s if you want to become a millionaire quickly


In your 20s you are full of energy and ready to conquer the world. Below we have outlined the things to do in this age that will be help you become a millionaire quickly.

Things to do in your 20s to help you become a millionaire quickly

Get the best education

Pursue a marketable course that will secure for you a high paying job. Courses related to engineering, health, IT and mathematics are the most marketable at the moment. If possible, pursue courses up to PhD level. You should also do a professional course.

Build your home

Build or buy a home in your 20s or 30s.This home will be useful in your 50s,60s,70s and 80s.You will settle your family here and avoid paying rent. Take a mortgage which will take you up to 25 years to pay. You can also construct your own home from the savings.

Invest your money

Look for investment opportunities which will yield high dividends and interest. Invest in Money Market Fund, Sacco shares, ReIT, Fixed Deposit account and bonds. You will earn interest of up to 20% per year.

Ensure that you invest before spending your income.

Start a profitable business

When starting business in your 20s, you will find it easy in your 30s because you would have learnt how the business works in your sector. You will make mistakes and grow through those mistakes. Identify a profitable business, start small and grow over time.

Get a well-paying job

Look for a job that will pay you above $2000 per month. The money will enable you to live a comfortable life, save and also invest. Don’t mind about the industry that will absorb you, the goal is to get money that will enhance your business and investment ideas.

Start something that will generate passive income

Passive income is important, it’s the income you earn even when you’re not working. Start something, like a YouTube channel. Don’t depend on your salary alone.

Keep fit and stay healthy

Exercise regularly, drink a lot of water and ensure that your health is good. With healthy body, you will focus on your work and goals.

Limit the number of friends

Don’t take anyone to be your friend. Only gather friends who share your vision.

Select your spouse carefully

Look for a man or woman who share your vision. Don’t marry someone who is coming to squander your money, marry someone who will help to build.

Things to avoid in your 20s

Avoid alcohol and other drugs

Avoid alcohol, cocaine, bhang and other related drugs. Those things that can lead to health issues that will slow your progress.

Avoid expensive lifestyle

Ensure that you live within your means for you to grow and invest your income. If your salary is $3000, spend less than $2500 and invest the rest.

Avoid unnecessary loans

People are fond of taking loans, especially mobile loans. Others take loans to buy expensive things like latest iPhone and luxury cars. This is money you can invest and multiply. You can then use the profits to buy the expensive items.

Avoid having many girlfriends

Women come with expenses. The more women you have in your life, the higher the expenses. If you MUST have a partner, choose only one girlfriend and stick with her.

Avoid gambling

Gambling is highly addictive. Avoid it as much as possible for you to grow financially.

Avoid breaking the law unnecessarily

If you are always a law breaker, you will lose peace of mind and spend a lot of time for court cases. Imagine breaking the law and get jailed for 5 years. Your life will be ruined completely. You will be released when things have changed.


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