Digital Driving School Kenya Reviews, Courses, fee structure, branches, Contacts


Digital Driving School is among top 10 best driving schools in Kenya. It has branches across the country and each of them offers driving training services. Below we have outlined the courses offered by the school, their fee structure, branches and contacts.

Digital Driving School Branches and contacts

Head Office Utawala

Location:- Utawala opposite Magunas Supermarket 

Contact:- 0713 238 591

Plant Operators Branch

Location:- Opposite Astrol Petrol Station

Contact:- 0792 471 511

Chokaa Branch

Location:- Chokaa near Muhindi Mweusi Supermarket

Contact:- 0792 452 481

Dohnholm Branch

Location:- Dohnholm near Caltex

Contact:- 0701 687 882

Umoja 3 Branch

Location:- Umoja 3 near Umoja Stage

Contact:- 0701 687 440

Kamulu Branch

Location:- Kamulu near Maguta Stage.

Contact:- 0799 186 463

Fedha Branch

Location:- Fedha near Nyayo estate Gate B

Contact:- 0792 452 480

Ruai Branch

Location:- Ruai Opposite Quick Market

Contact:- 0725 920 147

Shooters Branch

Location:- Utawala near Shooters.

Contact:- 0708 278 642

Gatura Branch

Location:- Gatura near Gatura Health Center

Contact:- 0112 381 494

Kirwara Branch

Location:- Kirwara near Kirwara Hospital

Contact:- 0726 304 555

Kangundo Branch

Location:- Kangundo near Neema Enterprises

Contact:- 0769 749 123

Tala Branch

Location:- Tala in Kuti Plaza

Contact:- 0769 387 871

Pipeline Branch

Location:- Along Outering Road

Contact:- 0742 375 765

Quickmart Utawala Branch

Location:- Utawala near Quickmart Supermarket Kwa Chief

Contact:- 0794 966 644

Buruburu Branch

Location:- Buruburu next to Jimliza Hotel

Contact:- 0746 998 298

Dandora Branch

Location:- Opposite Dandora Girls High School 

Contact:- 0701 687 440

Ruaraka Branch

Location:- Near Naivas Supermarket

Contact:- 0701 851 730

Mlolongo Branch

Location:- Opposite Cooperative Bank 

Contact:- 0713 238 591

Kitengela Branch

Location:- Opposite Kitengela Mall

Contact:- 0715 606 438

Customer Care Contacts

Address : PO. BOX 412-01020 Kenol,Kenya

Phone :+254 792 471 511

Phone: 0114056853

Digital Driving School Fee Payment Methods

You can pay through Mpesa or bank.Digital Driving School’s paybill number is 247247

Below are the fee payment methods

NTSA Charges

Provisional Driving License:- Ksh 650

Exam Booking and Assessment:- Ksh 2,000

Interim Driving License:- Ksh 750

Mpesa payments

Mpesa Till Number:- 602704.

Mpesa Till Number:- 9638473.

Equity Bank payments(Driving School)

Paybill Number:- 247247.

Account Number:- 511513.

KCB Bank payments(Plants Operator)

Paybill Number:- 522533.

Account Number:- 7697780.

All cheque payments should be addressed to Digital Plants Operator Training Center>

Exam Booking and Assessment Payments[Family Bank]

Paybill Number:- 222111.

Account Number:- 05555.

Name:- Digital Plants Operator Training Center

All cheque payments should be addressed to Digital Plants Operator Training Center

How to pay fee to Digital Driving School via the Paybill Number

  • Go to Mpesa
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter Business Number (602704.)
  • Enter Account Number (9638473)
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter Mpesa Pin and send

You will receive a confirmation message that the money has been received by the company.

Digital Driving School Courses and Fee Structure

Online Training—Ksh 6,000

A2—Motorcycle—Ksh 8,500

Half Course—Ksh 7,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 6,000

B2—Manual Light Vehicle—Ksh 13,000

Half Course—Ksh 11,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 9,000

B1—- Automatic Light Vehicle—Ksh 13,000

Half Course—Ksh 11,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 9,000

B3— Executive/ Advanced—Ksh 13,000

Half Course—-Ksh 11,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 9,000

C1— Light Truck—Ksh 13,000

Half Course—Ksh 11,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 9,000

C2— Medium Truck—Ksh 13,000

Half Course—Ksh 11,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 8,000

D1—Van—Ksh 14,000

Half Course—Ksh 12,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 10,000

D2—Minibus—Ksh 14,000

Half course—Ksh 12,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 10,000

Defensive Driving—Ksh 3,000

Road Safety—Ksh 3,000

First Aid-—Ksh 3,000

Refresher Course—Ksh 500 or Ksh 700

Computer Packages—Ksh 5,000

A3—Three-wheeled Taxi—8,500

Half Course—Ksh 7,000

Theory Classes—Ksh 6,000

Requirements to join Driving School

  • 18 years and above
  • A passport photo
  • Copy of your ID
  • KRA Pin

For computer lessons, you must join the training with your laptop.

Is Digital Driving School a good school?

Yes, there are no complaints so far regarding the quality of their training. This is a professional training school where students come for training lessons and successfully graduate.


The Pacesetters Award in Road Safety 2022

The Pacesetters Award in Road Safety 2021

How long it takes to complete driving school

It takes 2 weeks to 4 weeks to complete the driving school. But if you fail exams, you will take more time to complete the training.


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