List of best and most profitable businesses to start with Ksh 1,000 in Kenya


There are a number of businesses you can start with just Ksh1, 000 in Kenya. You can actually start a business in Kenya with just Ksh1, 000 and eventually become a millionaire. Success does not necessarily depend on the amount of capital but how well you manage the business.

A number of Kenyans blame capital as the main hindrance, which is not the case. With even Ksh1, 000, there are plenty of ventures to undertake. Here are some of the most profitable businesses to start with just Ksh1, 000 in Kenya:

  • Hawking

There are many things you can hawk in Kenya, they include: biscuits, bottled water, groundnuts and umbrellas. Ksh 1,000 is enough to buy 20 bottles of water and hawk them around.

  • Selling mandazi in estates

If you live in crowded estates, selling Mandazi within the estate is a golden opportunity. Buying flour will cost you Ksh 200, cooking oil and charcoal will cost Ksh 400 while the rest of the items will cost less than Ksh 1,000.In total you’ll spend Ksh 1,000 to start the business.

In a day, you’ll make a profit of Ksh 200 to Ksh 300 when your capital is Ksh1, 000.

  • Selling boiled eggs

You can decide to hawk boiled eggs or look for a specific location and sell to passerby. The capital required for this business is less than Ksh 1,000.

One boiled egg will generate a profit of Ksh 5 and above.

  • Starting a YouTube channel

Another rewarding business to start in Kenya with Ksh1,000 only is a YouTube channel. In fact, you can even start the channel for free because all that is needed is the internet.

YouTube pays well. In Kenya for every 1,000 views your channel gets, you earn Ksh50 to Ksh 150.

A channel getting 1 million views will generate Ksh 150,000 to Ksh300,000.

To start earning through your YouTube channel,it should be more than 12 months old, having 1,000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours.

YouTube is a perfect source of passive income in Kenya.

  • Start home salon

A home salon does not need any serious capital, you can start it for free. Salon business will generate over Ksh500 per customer. You will work from your home.

  • Farming

If you have land, starting farming business won’t cost you a lot of money. You can even plant Sukuma, pumpkin, sugarcane or kienyeji vegetables. Nowadays people are consuming kienyeji vegetables a lot especially those who live in town.

Farming is less costly for those who already own land. If you are one with land, start planting something and make money by selling the harvest.

  • Cleaning business

Cleaning business is another profitable business to start with Ksh1000 or less. Move from one house to another to clean houses for people and get paid. Cleaning carpets, chairs and clothes are other activities to perform to get paid.

I know a number of Kenyans making over Ksh10, 000 weekly by cleaning people’s houses and clothes.

  • Grocery shop/kibanda

If you don’t have a lot of money to start business, you can set up a kibanda for selling vegetables and fruits. It will cost less than ksh1, 000 to set up an open Kbanda.You don’t have to build one, use your home table.

  • Sell products on social media/become influencer

Becoming an influencer require pages with high following. You can use the pages to sell your items online. You don’t have to own the items to sell online, take pictures, post them and when an order is made, go to the seller, buy the product and deliver it to your buyer.

  • Become a blogger

Blogging is a profitable business in Kenya, there are bloggers making over Ksh1 million per month. If you know how to design a website, you’ll spend less than Ksh1,000 to pay for web hosting.


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