Unaitas Sacco Account opening requirements and types of accounts


Unaitas is one of the best Saccos to join in Kenya. It’s also the best Sacco to buy shares from because its dividends are good.Unaitas has specific account opening requirements. There are several savings accounts to open in the Sacco which are discussed below.

Here are the account opening requirements:

Opening an Account

  • The following are the processes of Opening an account;
  • Depositing the minimum membership fee OTC or using Mpesa paybill 544700


  • Identification document
  • Certified copy of ID or Passport
  • Passport photograph to be taken at the branch
  • Certified copy of Utility Bill/Tenancy agreement
  • Certified Copy of Pin Certificate


Timiza Savings Account

Transact and access your savings regularly.


  • Free Mpesa deposits using paybill number 544700
  • No Operating balance
  • Free cash deposit
  • Access to Loan facilities
  • Unlimited withdrawal
  • No ledger Fee


  • Internal Cheque book provided on request
  • Interest earning threshold of Kshs 5,000/-
  • Competitive rate of interest
  • EMV Chip ATM card available
  • Transaction via mobile phone upon registration at the branch via USSD Code *493#


  • ID card/passport
  • 1 passport photo
  • 1,000/= for membership(100 shares@10/=)

Jipange Investment Account


Enabling one to lock their savings according to ones objective as well as grant consistent savers opportunity to earn bonuses and participate in annual investment forums.

Features and Benefits

  • Competitive interest payable
  • Minimum interest earning amount Kshs 5,000
  • Free standing orders
  • Automatic loan qualification of upto 50% once savings
  • Repayment period of 1 year
  • Discounted loan interest for at least 1year consistent savings.
  • Opening/Operating balance of Kes 1000
  • Ability to lock ones savings based one’s goal
  • 3 free withdrawals per year
  • Pricing as per the tariffs schedule


    1. Original/Copy of ID
    2. KRA pin certificate copy
    3. Minimum operating balance of Kes 1000

Jolly Junior Savings Account


Building your child’s financial independence through inculcating a saving culture, rewards and creative financial activities.

Features and Benefits

  • Account for customers aged18 years and below
  • Free to opening the account
  • Minimum operating balance of Kshs 1000/-
  • Withdraw limited to 3 times per year
  • Interest earning threshold 3,000
  • Annual fun day for jolly savers
  • Free intra-account transfer
  • Free annual e-statement
  • Pricing as per the tariffs schedule

Fixed Deposit Account

Earn higher competitive rates of interest when you set aside your savings for a longer period of time.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimum Balance Ksh 5,000
  • Cash deposits or direct transfers from Savings Account
  • Relatively higher returns
  • Withdrawal/renewal upon maturity of contract

Biashara Current Account

The current account that pays you monthly interest

Whether you are looking to grow, or just started out as an entrepreneur, we understand you require flexible and easy access to your funds. Bring your business plans and operations to life and stay open for business with the Biashara Current Account. What’s more, you get to transact conveniently from home or at the office with our mobile banking from wherever you are.

Open to individuals, SME’s and registered Chamas/Saccos

Features and Benefits

  • Access to cheque book facilities with zero clearance charges
  • Monthly interest on credit balances
  • Free inter-account standing orders
  • Access to overdraft/advances at an affordable charge
  • ATM Visa Card (EMV)
  • Special subsidized arrangements for on-premises collection
  • Minimal initial deposit and zero operating balance
  • Dedicated product manager to offer expert advice on business growth

Requirements Individuals

  • Original and copy of national ID or Passport
  • Passport photograph (taken at the branch)
  • Letter of introduction/Referee

Corporates & formally registered organizations

  • Original & Copies of AoA, MoA or By-laws
  • Certificate of incorporation /Registration
  • Resolution to open account at Unaitas
  • Signature mandate(s)
  • Photo of account holder or agents/attorney
  • Original & copies of directors’ ID/ Passport
  • KRA Pin Certificate

Chama Account

Savings Account product targeting registered investment groups engaged in common investments.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy access to Investment Loans
  • Access to our Investment/Network forums
  • Mobile deposits to your account via Mpesa paybill 544700
  • Linkage to Investment opportunities
  • Free Investment advice
  • Loan upto 12 times savings
  • Loan Term upto 60 months
  • Competitive interest rate on savings
  • Competitive personal accident cover
  • Chequebook available upon application
  • Dedicated group relationship officer

Requirements for opening a group account:

  • Certified of Constitutional/Rules/By-laws
  • Certified copy of Certificate of Registration or Exemption Certificate
  • Certified copy of Board Resolution
  • List of Registered Officials
  • Certified copies of ID or Passport and PIN of Officials and/or Signatories


Savings product targeting unregistered groups with common investments.

Features and Benefits

  1. Mobile Deposits to your account via Mpesa paybill 544700.
  2. Dedicated Relationship officer to offer advisory services.
  3. Competitive interest rate on savings.
  4. Access to our investment forums.
  5. Dedicated Chama Application to keep track of your savings.
  6. Availability of a cheque book upon application.

Requirements for opening a joint account

  1. Original & Copies of IDs and PINs for the officials.
  2. Account mandate(s)


  1. I wish to open biashara account bcoz I have a plan how to start it
    I have a very good idea for starting bodaboda business (tuk tuk) I always that when I get 50k I will have to start (agreement)

  2. I wish to open biashara account bcoz I have a plan how to start it
    I have a very good idea for starting bodaboda business (tuk tuk) I always that when I get 50k I will have to start it (agreement) cell 0728881984


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