Cost of renting a bedsitter, one bedroom and two bedrooms in Umoja Nairobi


Umoja is one of the best estates for middle class people in Nairobi. The estate provides supply of bedsitters, single, one bedroom and two bedroom houses. The most common ones are bedsitters and one bedroom. Prices vary depending on the size of a house.

A bedsitter goes for Ksh 5,500 to Ksh 8, 000, one bedroom goes for Ksh 10,000 to Ksh18, 000 while two bedroom house goes for Ksh 15,000 to Ksh25, 000.Those near the road cost more than those houses located far from the road.

 Umoja is ideal for people who want to start life in Nairobi because rent is favourable.It’s also good for the salaried people earning less than Ksh 100,000.

If you work along Jogoo Road or Nairobi CBD, Umoja is the best estate to live in.

If you don’t have a family, it’s good to live in a bedsitter and save the rest of the money. There is no need of renting a two bedroom house when you only need one room. As a bachelor, you have a great opportunity to invest before you clock 40 years, don’t waste your money.

Those with families will be forced to rent one or two bedroom house, meaning that their monthly income must be above Ksh50, 000.

In Umoja, there are ATMs for all banks, QuickMart and Naivas Supermarkets. There is also Greenspan Mall where you can enjoy shopping and take your children for bouncing castle.

Security in umoja is not so bad, very few incidences are reported.

There are also surrounding estates like Kayole, Komarock, Donholm and Buruburu.But most of those estates are more expensive than Umoja

So,if you want a cheap house to rent in Nairobi,Umoja is one of the best estates to settle in.


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