Best profitable business to start in Kisumu 2023


Kisumu is one of the best cities to start business in 2023.Now that elections are over, this is the best time to set up a business and make money before 2027 elections. We are particularly happy that Kisumu was peaceful during the 2022 general elections.

When starting any business, location, capital, profitability and security are important. Kisumu is one place where your business can grow at exponential rate because the residents here don’t discriminate when buying products.

  • Chemist

If you have a certificate that allows you to operate a Chemist, go ahead and start one in Kisumu. If you don’t have a certificate, you can partner with someone who is allowed to operate a chemist.

The capital required to start a Chemist starts from Ksh 500,000.

In Kisumu, people get sick a lot from sexually transmitted diseases, they also buy contraceptives in plenty. There is also malaria and hygiene related diseases.

Positioning also matters, make sure you set the business in a busy street to attract as many clients as possible.

You will be making at least Ksh 3,000 per day from your Chemist.

  • PlayStation

Another profitable business to launch in Kisumu is PlayStation. This venture requires a capital of Ksh 300,000 and above but the returns are good. I have a couple of friends who operate PlayStation business and the profits they make are crazy. Some make over Ksh15, 000 per day.

  • Selling bottled water

Kisumu is a hot city and people drink bottled water a lot. Look for at least Ksh400, 000 and set up a business for bottled water. I can assure you the business will generate over Ksh3, 000 daily.

  • Grocery shop

Start selling vegetables and fruits in a grocery shop. You should also incorporate fresh juice.

In Kisumu most people don’t do farming, they buy groceries from the market. The best thing about this business is that it requires little capital of as low as Ksh20, 000.

Grocery business won’t be a loss making venture, it’s one of the best businesses to start anywhere in Kenya.

  • MPESA and Bank agency business

MPESA and Bank agency business is familiar to most Kenyans. Though many people claim that the business is flooded, there are still many opportunities for new entrepreneurs. A capital of Ksh 100,000 to Ksh200, 000 is needed .Most of this money will be used to acquire float and pay for rent.

You should look for an area where there is security and high number of people who can transact regularly.

  • Cosmetics shop

Kisumu is one region with the highest number of women who love to use cosmetics. People want to look good.

Set up a business that sells cosmetics and perfumes. The cost of starting this business is Ksh 100,000 to Ksh400, 000

  • Perfume refill business

Luos love to use perfume. Identify expensive perfumes and buy them, then sell according to your client’s needs.

Perfume refill business is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya at the moment.

  • Car hire business

If you have some cars, start car hire business. You will be making at least Ksh 3,000 per month, In Kisumu people love to hire cars and floss with them.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb is another hot cake business in Kisumu. You can start the business with as little as Ksh 15,000.All you need is to rent a room, furnish it with decent seats, bed and carpet. People will be paying more than Ksh2,000 per day.

There are plenty of houses in Kisumu to be converted into Airbnb.

  • Hardware shop

For those who have millions they want to inject into business, hardware shop is one of the most ideal businesses to start in Kisumu. You need a capital of Ksh1 million and above to start this kind of business.

Though the business is capital intensive, returns are high.

  • Build rental property

Houses to rent are not enough in Kisumu. Take a loan and build bedsitters, one bedroom and two bedroom houses and see the crazy amount of money you can make from the business.

Building rental houses require millions of shillings, the minimum amount being Ksh2 million.

  • Fast food restaurant

If you want to set up a profitable fast food restaurant in Kisumu, do so in the CBD.You will need a capital of Ksh300, 000 and above.

  • Coffee shop

Luos hupenda starehe,they like to visit coffee shops, they like to take their girlfriends to coffee shops. Set up a decent coffee shop in the CBD and make crazy profits.

  • Garage

You can also set up a garage in Kisumu especially near the CBD.You require enough space for the business. At least half an acre is enough.

Even if you didn’t pursue mechanical engineering course, you can still set up a garage and employ people to repair vehicles.

  • Car wash

With a capital of Ksh 150, 000, you can start a car wash in Kisumu

  • Wines & spirits shop

If there is no harassment from the police, wines & spirits shop is very profitable. Kwanza Kisumu watu ni walevi Sana. You need a capital of Ksh150, 000 and above to set up the business.However, licensing is the main issue, you need at least 3 licenses.

  • Executive barber shop and Salon

Salon is one of the businesses that does well in Kisumu. Incorporate Kinyozi and massage. Make the business look executive in order to attract rich clients.


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