Cost of building three bedroom house in Kenya 2023


Building 3 bedroom house in Kenya costs Ksh2 million to Ksh 5 million depending on location, materials used and labour costs. Few years ago, one could build 3 bedroom house with Ksh800, 000 only but not anymore. Materials are expensive nowadays and labour costs are high too.

Before you start building a house, make sure you know where to get water from, you must have a site house too. Buy at least 2 lorries of concrete and sand and also blocks.

It’s also important to get a house plan which MUST be approved by the County government. Look for a professional fundi who will not steal materials.

The house has three main parts that will cost a lot of money, foundation, roofing and finishing. The foundation will cost Ksh 300,000 to Ksh500,000 ,roofing will cost Ksh500,000 to Ksh700,000 while finishing will cost Ksh 700,000 to Ksh1 million.Labour will cost Ksh500,000 to Ksh800,000.

Finishing entails putting tiles, painting the house, plastering the house doors, windows, ceiling, kitchen and bedroom fittings, plumbing and electrical installations. Buying tiles especially from good companies like Saj Ceramics will cost more than Ksh 300,000.Ceiling will also cost more than Ksh 300,000.

Before you start building a house, make sure you have more than Ksh2 million. Building is not easy, which is why you find most people stops at roofing and wait for years before finishing the house.

The foundation up to roofing will take three weeks to two months and you will spend at least Ksh1 million. From there until the house is complete is where you’ll spend a lot of money. Most people are excited after putting the roof but finishing the house becomes an uphill task. You have to spend at least twice the amount you spent up to roofing. If you want the best iron sheets buy from MRM.

In case you don’t have money to build a house with, get a loan from a reliable bank or Sacco.I will recommend that you join a Sacco because they don’t charge high interest.


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