Testimony of PlayStation business owner in Nairobi


PlayStation is one of the most profitable businesses in Nairobi.If you know how to manage business,you will definitely earn decent profits from this business.

Knowing the experience of other business owners will help you know what to expect if you start the business.Below is a testimony from someone who owns PlayStation business in Nairobi:

“I can confidently say that I started my PlayStation Gaming shop with one 32 inch tv, one 21 inch tv, one ps4 console that was mine and another ps4 console that I had hired.. the screens were mounted on the wall and there were 2 chairs [sofa bonoko].. opened at 6pm on the first day and made 15 shillings from some kids.. from there the shop made 150-350 per day and continued growing. By the time Covid came, I had painted the shop, had 3 40 inch screens and 3 PS4s , 3 “sofas”, music, a counter for movies and a small fridge for cold sodas. At this time the shop was making sh 3,000- sh 3,500 per day and was always full.

Now, this is a part most entrepreneurs leave out when telling their stories..My friend pumped some cash into the Business and I took a total of sh 150k in loans to upgrade the screens and buy 2 more PS4 consoles.. so I was repaying the loans as the Business grew. Without those loans, the Business wouldn’t reach that level. So don’t read some stories that someone started a butchery with one bone or chicken farming with one feather and believe everything you read or watch. Business is not easy, especially if you don’t have enough capital, very many people are boosted by someone or something along the way, but they never say the truth. If you are working on your Business and you feel like it’s growing at a slow pace, don’t worry, as long as it is growing,.. do your best, it will peak one day.. usijipatie pressure”


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