Best business to start in Mombasa 2023


This year 2023 there are several best businesses to start in Mombasa. Before you set up any business, know what you expect to earn from it, security situation, cost of rent, demand for that product and the ability of the residents to buy.

Below is a list of best businesses to start in Mombasa 2023:

  • Bottled water

Mombasa being a hot place bottled water is one of the most profitable businesses to do. The business will pull in over Ksh5, 000 daily. All you need is a capital of Ksh250, 000 to Ksh 400,000.Licensing is the major challenge but once you are through, you will find the business easy to run.

  • Wines & Spirit

Mombasa ni Mji wa raha,watu wanalewa sawasawa.Wines & Spirits is one of the best businesses to start and operate in Mombasa. You need a capital of Ksh 150,000 to Ksh300,000.

A busy wines & Spirits shop will yield over Ksh100, 000 monthly.

  • YukTuk Business

Many people in Mombasa use TukTuk to transport goods from one place to another. The business is very profitable. Our research reveal that on average one TukTuk will generate Ksh 2,000 per day. It costs Ksh300,000 to Ksh450,000 to by a TukTuk.

  • Grocery shop

Set up a grocery shop where you will sell vegetables and fruits. Since more than 90% of people in Mombasa don’t plant vegetables and fruits, a grocery shop will be an ideal business.

With Ksh 20,000 you can start a small grocery shop in Mombasa. If your shop has a stock of more than 100k, you’ll be making over 3k daily.

  • Entertainment joint

Start an entertainment joint which has a hotel and bar that operate 24/7.It will do extremely well in Mombasa since people come here to entertain themselves.

You should be ready to spend over Ksh1 million to put up an entertainment joint.

  • PlayStation

PlayStation is also a profitable business in Mombasa. With a capital of Ksh400,000 you are ready to go. There are many idle youths in Mombasa who can be your customers.

  • Airbnb

One of the businesses excelling in Mombasa is Airbnb. Most people nowadays don’t go for guest houses, they prefer Airbnb where they are not harassed and can cook their favourite meals.

One can start Airbnb business for as little as Ksh20, 000.

  • Bodaboda

You should also consider starting bodaboda business especially if your capital is Ksh 150,000 and below. You will be making over Ksh800 daily. You can’t sleep hungry when you own a bodaboda in Mombasa.

Long distance transport business

Buy trucks to transport products from Mombasa to upcountry. You will receive jobs from the port and other areas across the coast.But this business require heavy capita.

  • Clearing and forwarding business

Try also to figure out how to start clearing and forwarding business. This one is also capital intensive but very rewarding.

  • Sell cereals

Business of selling cereals can also be good in Mombasa. Make sure you sell beans, maize and other cereals which people of Mombasa love.

  • Build apartments

Rental property in Mombasa will be profitable. The demand for the houses is high and in future, prices will skyrocket.

  • MPESA & Bank Agency business

Though people claim that MPESA shops are flooded in Mombasa, there is still room for new businesses. There is no single business which cannot face competition, don’t fear competition.

  • Online taxi business

Most of the tourists and visitors in Mombasa use online taxis—they book the taxis through the Apps.Buy your own Taxi and start making money in Mombasa.

  • Sell mandazi and Chapati within estates

For those who have small small capital of Ksh 1,000 to Ksh10,000 start making and selling chapati and Mandazi within estates.You will start small and later operate a big hotel.

  • Butchery business

Butchery business is also very profitable in Mombasa. Sell goat meat,beef ,fish and kienyeji chicken. But this business require a fridge which is on 24/7.


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