NSSF Kenya Branches and contacts


Below are branches owned by NSSF in Kenya and their contacts:

National Social Security Fund (Headquarters)

P.O. Box: 30599 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Main Line: (020) 2729911, 2710552
Toll Free: 0800 2212744
Cell Phone: 0709 583 000, 0730 882 000
ISDN: 2832000
Fax: (020) 2727882, 2722013, 2711615
Email: info@nssfkenya.co.ke
Website: www.nssf.or.ke

NSSF Branches in Nairobi Region:

Nairobi Region Office, Bruce Hse 5th Flr, Std Street
P.O. Box: 50397-00200, Nairobi
Tel: (020) 2222668/9
Email: nairobiregion@nssfkenya.co.ke

City Center Branch, Bruce House, 5th Floor, Standard Street
P.O. Box: 50397-00200, Nairobi
Tel: 2222668/9
Email: nairobiregion@nssfkenya.co.ke

Donholm Branch, The Point-Buruburu, Along Rabai Road (Hamsa Stage) Opposite Kenol Petrol Station next to Naivas Supermarket
P.O. Box: 1385-00515, Nairobi
Tel: 0786998818/0773780210
Email: nssf.donholm@nssfkenya.co.ke

Eastleigh Branch, Eastleigh Mall 1st Floor, General Waruinge Rd
P.O. Box: 7800-00610, Nairobi
Tel: 0114709820, 0739102003
Email: nssf.eastleigh@nssfkenya.co.ke

Hill Branch, Social Security Hse, Block C, Bishops Rd, Ground Flr
P.O. Box: 45969 – 00100, Nairobi
Tel: 020-2729911/020 2832899/020 2713844/46/48/51/ 0737633906
Email: nssf.hillbranch@nssfkenya.co.ke

Industrial Area Branch, Simco Plaza, 3rd Flr, Lusaka Road
P.O. Box: 30451-00100, Nairobi
Tel: 0737409457
Email: nssf.industrialarea@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kitengela Branch, Africa House, Ground Floor, Kajiado Namanga Highway
P.O. Box: 529-00242, Kitengela
Tel: 0739-102009
Email: nssf.kitengela@nssfkenya.co.ke

Ongata Rongai, Masai Mall, 2nd Floor, Magadi Rd
P.O. Box: 665-00511, Ongata Rongai
Tel: 0731032088, 045-3123112
Email: nssf.ongatarongai@nssfkenya.co.ke

Westlands Branch, Rainbow Towers, Muthithi Road, Westlands
P.O. Box: 66575 – 00800, Nairobi
Tel: (020) 4444308, 0737409416
Email: nssf.westlands@nssfkenya.co.ke

NSSF Branches in Central/Eastern Region:

Central/Eastern Region Office, Sohan Plaza 2nd Kimathi Way
P.O. Box: 308-10100, Nyeri
Tel: 061-2031140
Email: info@nssfkenya.co.ke

Embu Branch, Eastern Emporium Building, Ground Flr. Kenyatta Ave. (Main Nbi – Meru Highway)
P.O. Box: 316-60100 Embu
Tel: 0734317315/0737409460
Email: nssf.embu@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kerugoya Branch, Mbigwa Sacco Plaza,1st Flr Opp. KCB Kutus – Kagumo Rd
P.O. Box: 600, Kerugoya
Tel: 0737409471
Email: nssf.kerugoya@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kiambu Branch, Bishop Ranji Cathedral Plaza, Ground Floor, Biashara Street
P.O. Box: 713-00900, Kiambu
Tel: 0737633914/(066)2022114
Email: nssf.kiambu@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kitui Branch, C-House, Along Kitui Nairobi Road
P.O. Box: 641-90200, Kitui
Tel: 044-4422239/0737409417
Email: nssf.kitui@nssfkenya.co.ke

Machakos Branch, Nijrang Building,First Floor, Mbolu Malu Rd
P.O. Box: 525-90100, Machakos
Tel: 0737409412
Email: nssf.machakos@nssfkenya.co.ke

Makueni Branch, Junction Mall, 1st Flr. Along Machakos Wote Rd
P.O. Box: 306-90300, Makueni
Tel: 0737409428
Email: nssf.makueni@nssfkenya.co.ke

Maralal Branch, Samburu United House, First floor, Next to Morris Guest House
P.O. Box: 258-20600, Maralal
Tel: 065-5062047/ 0737409433
Email: nssf.maralal@nssfkenya.co.ke

Meru Branch, Ncheege Plaza, 1st Flr. Kirikuri Street
P.O. Box: 1228-60200, Meru
Tel: 0737409474
Email: nssf.meru@nssfkenya.co.ke

Muranga Branch, Pala Plaza, Ground Flr
P.O. Box: 168-10200, Muranga
Tel: 0737409473
Email: nssf.muranga@nssfkenya.co.ke

Mwingi Branch, LDP Building – Garissa Rd
P.O. Box: 432-90400, Mwingi
Tel: 0737409465
Email: nssf.mwingi@nssfkenya.co.ke

Nanyuki Branch, Silver Plaza, Ground Flr.
P.O. Box: 226-10400, Nanyuki
Tel: 0737409444
Email: nssf.nanyuki@nssfkenya.co.ke

Nyahururu Branch, Barclays Bank Hse Sharp Road
P.O. Box: 148-20300, Nyahururu
Tel: 065-2023943/0737409459
Email: nssf.nyahururu@nssfkenya.co.ke

Nyeri Branch, Sohan Plaza Kimathi Way
P.O. Box: 308-10100, Nyeri
Tel: 061-2032103/0737409455
Email: nssf.nyeri@nssfkenya.co.ke

Thika Branch, Thika House, Kwame Nkruma Street
P.O. Box: 844-01000, Thika
Tel: 067-2222279/0737409391
Email: nssf.thika@nssfkenya.co.ke

NSSF Branches in Coast/North Eastern Region:

Coast and North Eastern Region Office, Social Security House Mombasa 5th Flr, Nkurumah Rd
P.O. Box: 90490-80100, Mombasa
Tel: 041-2223426/19
Email: info@nssfkenya.co.ke

Garissa Branch, Lilac Centre, 1st Floor, Kisimayu Rd.
P.O. Box: 378-70100, Garissa
Tel: (046)2102110, Fax 0462102253 /0737409468
Email: nssf.garissa@nssfkenya.co.ke

Lamu Branch, Majid Swaleh Hemed Bld.
P.O. Box: 389-80500, Lamu
Tel: 0737409410
Email: nssf.lamu@nssfkenya.co.ke

Malindi Branch, Al Noor Plaza 1st Flr. Jomo Kenyatta Ave.
P.O. Box: 290, Malindi
Tel: 0737409449
Email: nssf.malindi@nssfkenya.co.ke

Mombasa Branch, Social Security House Mombasa Grd. Flr. Nkurumah Rd.
P.O. Box: 90490-80100, Mombasa
Tel: 041-2223419, 041-2223426, 0101087497
Email: nssf.mombasa@nssfkenya.co.ke

Mtwapa Branch, Mtwapa Mall, 1st Floor, New Mombasa- Malindi Road
P.O. Box: 733-80109, Mtwapa
Tel: 0786222322/0207850905
Email: nssf.mtwapa@nssfkenya.co.ke

Ukunda Branch, Tiosgima Plaza, Ground Flr. Diani Beach Rd.
P.O. Box: 1076-80400, Ukunda
Tel: 053-8015545/0737409434, 053 8015545
Email: nssf.ukunda@nssfkenya.co.ke

Voi Branch, Haji Plaza Ground Floor Biashara St.
P.O. Box: 127-80300, Voi
Tel: 043-2030129/0737409398
Email: nssf.voi@nssfkenya.co.ke

Wajir Branch, Juba Building, Korahey-Works Road, Ground Flr.
P.O. Box: 326-70200, Wajir
Tel: 0737409411
Email: nssf.wajir@nssfkenya.co.ke

NSSF Branches in Rift Valley Region:

Rift Valley Region Office, AFC Bld, 1st Floor Kijabe Road
P.O. Box: 1510-20100, Nakuru
Tel: 051-2216449, Nakuru
Email: info@nssfkenya.co.ke

Eldoret Branch, Kiptagich Bldg, 2nd Flr. Off Uganda Road
P.O. Box: 1120, Eldoret
Tel: 0737409392
Email: nssf.eldoret@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kabarnet Branch, Mart Properties Plaza, Ground and 1st Floor
P.O. Box: 14-30400, Kabarnet
Tel: 053-22162
Email: nssf.kabarnet@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kapsabet Branch, AFC Building, Ground Floor
P.O. Box: 1122-30300, Kapsabet
Tel: 0735888887
Email: nssf.kapsabet@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kericho Branch, Sinendet Towers, 2nd Floor, Kisumu – Nairobi Highway
P.O. Box: 586-20200, Kericho
Tel: 0737409470
Email: nssf.kericho@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kitale Branch, Ambwere Plaza Ground Flr Mazingira Street 49
P.O. Box: 49-30200, Kitale
Tel: 0737409470/0737-409463
Email: nssf.kitale@nssfkenya.co.ke

Lodwar Branch, Northlands Building, Next to Doctor’s Mini Plaza
P.O. Box: 106-30500, Lodwar
Tel: 0735 888877
Email: nssf.lodwar@nssfkenya.co.ke

Naivasha Branch, Wagi House Kenyatta Avenue
P.O. Box: 361, Naivasha
Tel: 0737409437,050-2020146
Email: nssf.naivasha@nssfkenya.co.ke

Nakuru Branch, Polo Centre, Ground Floor
P.O. Box: 1510-20100, Nakuru
Tel: 051-2210953/0737633903
Email: nssf.nakuru@nssfkenya.co.ke

Nandi Hills Branch, Post Office Building – Opposite Nandi Police Station
P.O. Box: 207, Nandi Hills
Tel: 053-6643186/0780440870
Email: nssf.nandihills@nssfkenya.co.ke

Narok Branch, Oltalet Mall, 1st Floor
P.O. Box: 443-20500, Narok
Tel: 050-2222062/0737409439
Email: nssf.narok@nssfkenya.co.ke

Sotik Branch, Bureti Tea Growers Sacco Building, Main Street.
P.O. Box: 947, Sotik
Tel: 0737409413
Email: nssf.sotik@nssfkenya.co.ke

NSSF Branches in Nyanza/Western Region:

Western/Nyanza Regional Office, Al-Imran Plaza 3rd Floor Ondiga Oginga Street
P.O. Box: 1037-40100, Kisumu
Tel: 057-2021703
Email: info@nssfkenya.co.ke

Bungoma Branch, Catholic Diocese Bldg Grd Flr. Mumias Rd
P.O. Box: 572-50200, Bungoma
Tel: 055-30123/ 0737409456
Email: nssf.bungoma@nssfkenya.co.ke

Busia Branch, Rasto Park Plaza Busia-Ksm Highway
P.O. Box: 109-50400
Tel: 0552322270/2322075/0737409441
Email: nssf.busia@nssfkenya.co.ke

HomaBay Branch, Luore Plaza ,Bank Street
P.O. Box: 167, Homa Bay
Tel: 0737409446,059-22063
Email: nssf.homabay@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kakamega Branch, Ambwere Furaha Centre, 1st Flr – Sudi Rd opp. Muliro Gardens
P.O. Box: 833-50100, Kakamega
Tel: 056-2030428/0737409418
Email: nssf.kakamega@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kisii Branch, Magson Plaza Postal Rd, 1st Flr next to Police Station
P.O. Box: 898-40200, Kisii
Tel: 058-30206/0737409394
Email: nssf.kisii@nssfkenya.co.ke

Kisumu Branch, Al-Imran Plaza ,3rd Flr. Odinga Oginga Street
P.O. Box: 1037-40100, Kisumu
Tel: 0737409447
Email: ksmnssf@nssfkenya.co.ke

Migori Branch, Pesoda Plaza next to DTB Bank & Family Bank, Ground Floor & 1st Flr.Migori/Isbania Rd.
P.O. Box:
Tel: 0786222323
Email: nssf.migori@nssfkenya.co.ke

Nyamira Sub Branch, Nash City, 1st Floor, Miruka Road
P.O. Box: 249 – 40500, Nyamira
Tel: (058)6144000/0780525249
Email: nssf.nyamira@nssfkenya.co.ke

Siaya Branch, Mwalimu Plaza Grd Flr Odinga Oginga Street
P.O. Box: 1169, Siaya
Tel: 057-5321747/0737409390
Email: nssf.siaya@nssfkenya.co.ke

Vihiga Sub Branch, 1st flr Cherry House, Kakamega/Kisumu highway
P.O. Box: 1446-50300 Maragoli
Tel: (056)2031110
Email: nssf.vihiga@nssfkenya.co.ke


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