15 factors to consider before buying a car in Kenya


Before buying a car in Kenya, you should consider the following 15 factors:

  1. Budget

The most crucial thing to consider when purchasing a car is your budget we would all prefer to drive a top range car with unmatched comfort and performance but we have to be abit realistic. Whether you decide to buy a new car or a used car, be sure you can pay all the requirements, insurance and the maintenance. The budget should include all other fees. Budget will also help you to know which brand of a car you can buy. 

  • Availability of spare parts

You should also consider the availability of spare parts for the car. Before buying a car that is one of the most important thing to consider. Some of the car spare parts cannot be found in Kenya so you will have to import the spare parts, or if you find them they are pretty expensive.

  • Practicality

How practical do I want my car to be? Is question you should ask yourself? For example you are a family person and you want to buy a car, you have to consider the size of the car, the number of seats and the cargo space.

  • Fuel economy

With the cost of fuel going up everyday in Kenya, this should be one of the things to consider. How much are you willing to part with every day for fuel? If it a car for business you are buying, you really have to consider the fuel economy of the car.

  • Maintenance cost

You have to consider the cost of maintenance for the vehicle be sure to do your research so that you know what you can expert in terms of oil change, tune-up and other routine maintenance.

  • Year of manufactur/age

Also considering year of manufacture is important because according to Kenyan law you can’t import a car which is older that 8years.the regulation was put to ensure that cars b coming are road –worthy.

  • Use case/mission profile

You should consider the user case for the vehicle before buying when buying a commercial vehicle the intended use case should be well known to make frontal customization to fit the mission profile i.e fitting a specified number of seats in a bus

  • Mileage

When buying a car it crucial to check the mileage of the car. This will save you on buying a car that will keep breaking down which will cost you more on the maintenance .you should look for a car that has less than 100,000km km mileage it’s more reliable.

  • Service report

You should buy a vehicle with a fully detailed service history from an authorized service center to reduce the chances of buying a car with pre-existing mechanical issues that could cost you more to operate and repair

  1. Insurance

Insurance is the first thing to consider before buying a car since you can’t drive without it. The comprehensive insurance is calculated based on the value of the car, you have to make sure to consider that when shopping around.

  1. Storage

Storage is another factor to consider, depending on the intended use. If it is a family vehicle you have to consider the cargo space, if it can fit your family and luggage in case of a need to travel.

  1. Safety

All cars should meet certain safety standard, and some models go beyond to keep the passengers safe. If safety is your number one priority you may consider cars with things like airbags, backup camera and ABS brakes.

  1. Technology

In the present world today when shopping for a car you have to consider technology. Some of the technology to keep an eye on and that will make you driving more enjoyable are, Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calling and navigation. You should also consider a built-in infotainment system i.e compatibility with apple car play and android auto

  1. Aesthetics of the vehicle

The design and the looks of a car play a big role on the purchase decision for most individuals. Kenyan’s prefer bigger cars with a lot of space hence the popularity of SUV’s

  1. Resale value

When buying a new car it’s important to pay attention to how much the vehicle depreciates in value. Some vehicles depreciate way faster than others so it’s good to pay attention to the depreciation of the said vehicle you want to get.


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