Most people think that Luos are not rich but there are many Luos who are filthy rich. Here is a list of the richest Luos in Kenya:

  1. Raila Odinga

Raila Omolo Odinga is a Kenyan politician. He is one of the richest politicians in Kenya. He is business man who owns many companies some are; East African Spectre, BE Energy etc. they also have substantial shares in Pan African Petroleum Company, Kango enterprises.  He also owns 1 billion home in Riat, Kisumu and a multi-million dollar family home in Karen, Nairobi. Raila Odinga is the number one billionaire in Luo Community.

  • Sammy Wakiaga

Sammy Wakiaga is a business man and a politician, he also the son of senior chief Semekia Wakiaga. Sammy has previously worked in the agricultural development corporation board, and the National intelligence Service after the handshake agreement he was posted by foreign ministry as Kenya’s minister counsellor to Geneva, Switzerland.

Sammy Wakiaga is in real estate business and owns many properties in Kisumu, Nairobi, Mombasa and Homa Bay. His net worth is in billions.

  • Oburu Odinga

He is the brother of Raila Amollo Odinga, and an active politician, currently the senator of Siaya County. Oburu is also a business man, he has invested in real estate businesses and has shares in other companies, together with his brother, and they are worth billions.

  • Prophet Owuor

He is a self-proclaimed prophet and the owner of the church of Repentance And Holiness, Owuor has managed to have a huge following not only across the country but all over the globe. His net worth is over 3 billion Kenyan shillings.

  • Joshua Adebe

He is among the billionaires from the Luo community. His net worth is over seventy billion. 

  • Dalmas Otieno

He is a politician and a business man/investor and a billionaire in various sectors especially in real estates.

  • Edwin Ochieng Yinda

He is a politician and a popular business man. He is the director of Cent Savvy Investment Limited and also a chief executive officer of Supply Linkages Limited. Edwin businesses have grown in millions, making him to be ranked among the top billionaires in Luo community.

  • Evan Gor Semelang’o

He is an investor, business man, some of his investments are in media, oil and Transportation Company, real estate and tourism. Evans is also the owner of PetroKenya Oil Company Limited and Talanta Media a billionaire in his own right.

  • James Rege

Rege is among the billionaires, he became popular after contributing billions to president Uhuru’s campaigns back in 2017. He is among the billionaires in the Luo community, a politician and also a co-owner of Business Financing Company.

  1. Lupita Ngongo

She is the daughter of the Kisumu governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, and an actress in Hollywood. Lupita has worked hard and won awards, she currently resides in USA, she is also worth millions.

  1. Raphael Tuju

He is among the richest individuals, having worked with the government for a long time. Tuju is a business owner and an investor of real estate and other businesses. He also owns an acre of land worth approximately 550 million Kenyan shillings.

  1. Odiwuor,Alias Jalango

He is the current member of parliament of Langata constituency and a business man. Jalang’o came to fame as an actor/comedian, he has previously worked in various radio stations and an MC. Jalang’o is currently worth millions of Kenyan shillings making him among the richest luos.

  1. Babu Owino

He is the Member of Parliament for Embakasi East constituency, an active politician and a business man/investor in the matatu sector and real estate businesses. Babu came to the lime light back when he was the student leader at Nairobi University. His net worth is in millions, however, it has not been disclosed to the public.

  1. Evans Kidero

He is an active politician and a former Nairobi governor. Evans previously served as the chief executive officer of the Mumias Suga Company, he has also invested in the real estate industry in various towns in the country, Kidero estimated net worth is in millions.

  1. Akothee

She is a Kenyan singer/song writer/author and a business woman. She has businesses across Kenya and her net worth is over five hundred million Kenyan shillings.



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