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Maina Kageni is a top radio show host in Kenya; a radio host at Classic 105 radio. He hosts the morning show called Maina and Kingangi, alongside Daniel Ndambuki who goes by the popular name Churchill. He is a former news presenter at KTN television network.

Early Life

Maina Kageni was born on 29th June 1974 in Kenya and he will be turning 49 years this year. Maina kageni’s father died when he was only two years old making him to be raised by a single mother.

Education Background

Maina Kageni joined Westlands primary school, after finishing his primary school education; he was admitted to Laiser Hill High School.

For the college education he travelled to United Kingdom to pursue a college degree. However, he did not register in any college; instead he started working as a truck driver and fish distributor for a Chinese farm. When Maina Kageni’s mother travelled to United Kingdom for the son’s graduation, she was shocked to find out the son’s name was not in the list of the graduates even though he was to graduate. Maina Kageni’s mothers travelled back home a disappointed mother and told Maina not to come back in Nairobi.


Maina Kageni is an entrepreneur and a radio host. The two are his main income streams.  With Maina’s Kageni successful life without a college degree he has proven too many that education is not the only thing that can lead to your success but your hard work and determination.

 Maina Kageni previously worked as a car dealer, making his money though the purchase and sale of new and used vehicles. He sold cars for a long period of time, then luck came knocking at his door and landed himself a job at KTN television.

Maina Kageni is an excellent communicator that why it is not a surprising why he got a job as a news anchor with one of the most popular Media house KTN. He worked at KTN for some time before landing another job at a radio station.

Maina Kageni is currently working at a popular radio station by the name classic 105. He co-hosts a popular morning show on classic 105, the show is called Maina and Kingang’I which he co-host alongside Daniel Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill. The show has really gained Popularity over the years.

Maina Kageni is a shrewd businessman who invests in very valuable items such as real estate; he also has a home in Nairobi, Florida and Miami in the United States. Maina is also does brand endorsements, because of his huge fan base.

Personal Life

Maina Kageni is single and has no children, although this has caused him a lot of scandals. With some people claiming that he is gay because he is not married, he however denied the claims and also he has had no dating rumors or involvement with any woman.

Although Maina Kageni disclosed why he is single, he said “if you love your freedom and you can’t persevere, stay single”. He said he has no perseverance to sustain a relationship, he also loves his freedom.


In 2017 Maina Kageni won the radio show awards, which was for the best talk show in the country on the SOMA awards 2017.

Net worth

Maina is estimated to have a net worth of over $2 million. This comes from his successful career as the most popular radio host in Kenya, from classic 105 earning $20,000 every month. He is one of the highest paid Kenyan radio presenters.  He also earns commissions from the advertisement he brings to the organization.

He earns a monthly salary of Ksh 1.4 million per month at Classic FM.He also earns huge commissions from selling of land for real estate companies.

Maina Kageni Profile

Name: Maina Kageni

Date of birth: 29th June 1974

Age: 48years old

Religion: Christian

Profession: radio host

Facebook: Maina Kageni

Instagram: Mainawakageni



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