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Her real name is Esther Akoth Kokeyo, however, famously known as Akothee in her singing artistry. She was born on 8th April 1983 in Migori County Kenya. Akothee is famously known for her music and her outspoken personality. She has also been able to climb the success ladder to be named among the influential people in 2022 and she has also appeared among the wealthiest women we have in Kenya. This is because of her acumen in building businesses and releasing songs with other famous musicians from different parts of Africa.

Name:                         Esther Akoth Kokeyo

Date of Birth:             8th April 1983

Age:                            40yrs

Origin:                        Kenyan Citizen by birth

Marital Status:           Married (10th April 2023)

Occupation:               Singer, author, entrepreneur

Genre:                        Benga

Instruments:              Vocals

Yeaars Active:           2008-Present

Net worth:                  7 Billion Kenyan shillings

Contacts:                    www.Akothee.com, info@akotheesafaris.com

Akothee’s Biography

Early Life and Education

Akothee went to Nyabisawa Girls Secondary School but later dropped out at form 2 at age 14 when she eloped with her then lover. Together they have three children (all girls). She later went back to school in year 2004 and did her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, in which she scored a C+, scoring an A in History and Government while a D- in Mathematics. She is proud of her grades and performance which she posted on her social media platforms.


Akothee has been in business for quite a long time now; she narrated how she began back as a taxi driver in Mombasa, Omena/Detergent Vendor when she was divorced from her then husband Jared Okello. Her taxi driving business generated for her Ksh. 3,000-4,000 on a daily basis. She later on expanded her businesses, now owning a Safaris Tours and Travel company, Morning Star Diani Establishment and many other businesses not disclosed to the public. Akothee is also a singer, song writer who has featured some of the greatest musicians in Africa, she has also authored a book.


Akothee was born to a politician mother (Monica Yunita Kokeyo) and a father Joshua Owino Kokeyo) who is an administrator in Migori County. She was married at an early age of 14 to her lover whom she eloped with while in form two.

Despite coming from a caring and a loving home, Akothee was rebellious which caused her to get married to her lover at only 14yrs of age. She then went on to live her in-laws while the husband went to work in Nairobi. Akothee did not stay long with her in-laws because they sent her away in the year 2000 for unknown reasons; this is after serving them for seven years.

She later managed to move to Kanga where she started selling Omena to cater for herself and her children. In the year 2003, Akothee’s then husband graduated from university and they got back together to take care of their children. This gave Akothee a chance to also go back to school to finish her education and joined her husband in Nairobi where they lived a humble life together with their children. However, the husband left her in the year 2006 for cheating reasons, after he began to make some good money.


Akothee is a mother of five children, three children are from her first marriage (all girls), and the 2 boys comes from her 2nd and 3rd marriage. She conceived her 1st born (Vesha Shalian Okello) at 14yrs of age, her 2nd born when she was 15yrs, however the child passed away because Akothee did not have enough money to take her to hospital when the child was sick. Akothee gave birth to her 3rd born when she was 16yrs old, her name is (Celine Dion Okello) aka Rue baby and her last born daughter was born in the year 2000, her name (Prudence Apundo). Akothee sons are Oyoo and Ojwang born of different fathers. Akothee has been able to successfully raise her children who have grown up to be well mannered.


Akothee was divorced by her first husband in the year 2006, October 6th.The man left her after he had started earning more money and he also got involved in an extra marital affair. This made Akothee to move to Mombasa where she started her taxi business with her brother. While doing the taxi business, one day she happened to carry a French man, who was a diplomat. The man was impressed by her. Akothee said she had just had a baby and the French diplomat noticed the milk stain on her bosom.

Moreover, the French diplomat was interested in knowing her story, after having a little conversation, the man felt sorry for her, took her contacts and invited himself to Akothee’s home. The French diplomat after being introduced to Akothee’s family, in turn, invited them to West Africa where he worked. Akothee admits that this man assisted her in her taxi businesses and later on she took the opportunity to start a tour operation business, which he also assisted her to start. They later moved to Switzerland with the French diplomat, however, Akothee felt that this man only wanted children and not marriage; this made Akothee to come back to Kenya while she was 9 months pregnant. Akothee relocated back to Kenya and immediately started her music career.

Akothee got married again on a luxurious wedding on 10th of April 2023 to her mzungu from Switzerland lover nick named ‘Omosh.’ The wedding had aalmost all celebrities in Kenya including politicians and other influential people in the Country.

Akothee Net worth

Akothee is net worth over 6.2billion Kenyan shillings. This was revealed by Akothee’s previous boyfriend Nelly Oaks who wanted to shut down the rumors that her net worth was 300million Kenyan shillings. She owns Akothee’s Safaris Tour and Morning Star Diani Establishment; she also has 3 homes in Kenya in all the three cities i.e. Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa and other homes abroad. Akothee has also done Music with Famous artistes like Diamond Platinumz.

Akothee’s Awards

African Muzik Magazine Awards, AFRIMMA – Best Female Artist (East Africa) 2016.

African Muzik Magazine Awards, AFRIMMA – Best Video

African Entertainment Awards USA – Best female artiste.

Facebook: @Akotheekenya

Twitter:       @Akotheekenya

Instagram:  @akotheekenya


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