Pastor Ezekiel’s Ksh 500 million house in Mombasa (Photo)


Pastor Ezekiel is one of the richest pastors in Kenya, he owns a brand new Lexus worth Ksh 17 million and a house in Mombasa worth Ksh 500 million. Kenyans are shocked to see the house for the first time which sits in several acres.

Pastor Ezekiel owns New Life Church and a TV where he preaches and get followers.He sells holy water to his followers. The Luo pastor has over 100,000 followers where most of them are women.

The Pastor built the house a couple of years ago ,it has over 50 rooms.Its work is mostly to host visitors who come to see him daily.It’s separate from his church building.Only a few Kenyans can afford to build such a house.

Below is the photo of his house:


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