How this watchman helped a man win multimillion tender


Two years ago I had a construction project along Thika Road, my daily route was from Limuru road via Muthaiga towards Thika road……to and from.

If you have used the route (this route is Matatu prohibited ) mostly in the evening just as you leave the highway towards Muthaiga there men always stop every vehicle they see to get a lift. They are security guards in UN offices, and other residence along Limuru road, and Runda.

I started offering them lift, almost everyday. I could carry three to four people. Now there is this guy with story mingi, and one day ask, Mkubwa nikulizeko, kwanini huwa unatumbeba. Nyinyi watu wa magari makubwa ni ngumu sana kupeana lift. Lakini wewe hujali ata wakati kuna matope.

I looked at him and smile, and asked his name. Naitwa Otis nafanya security ya usiku kwa compuni Fulani. Eeeeh, okay Otis. Otis mimi na wewe tuko kitu kimoja, tofauti yetu ni hii gari. Nimetoka kutafta juu ya watoto, na wewe uko jiani ukataftie watoto. Ndio nipate kazi yenye nafanya ni kwa huruma ya Mungu, na kwanini pia mimi nisikuhurumie angalao na wewe ufike kazini. We paused for some time.

And then continued. Otis, huruma ya Mungu hupitia watu wanasaidiana. Mimi ni Engineer, nafanya ujenzi wa manyumba na Lewison Builders and Contractors, Kwa huruma ya Mungu unaweza nipatia kazi siku moja, kwasababu pia mimi nimekuhurumia.

Otis was now puzzled, but by the time he started another conversation, we were at UN intersection. As I drive home I thought of how we can keep interactions with Otis. I went and printed business card and kept a bunch in the car.

For the next two day I did meet Otis, but I made sure I have shared my business cards with the people I carry.

On third day Otis was with me, and I handed over my business card. I told Otis, keep this maybe you might need a job in future. Otis was happy.

Days passed, months until early last month when I received a call from a Mzungu, who wanted us to meet he has a project. At the meeting I asked him who referred me to him. He smiled and said, my security guy spoke very high of me. That he has worked in my site as night guard, and geuss who Otis.

So through Otis, I have landed a multi million project proposed to start soon.

Moral of this story,

1. Not all businesses comes from networking coffee or wine meetings.

2. Anyone can be a bridge to your success, learn to interact with people.

3. When you help, God always return the favour, what you receive today, you gave some time back.

4. Always be good, kind and generous to everyone, God might use them one day.

I have promised myself I will repay Otis, maybe buy him a Motorbike, and some money to start a business for the wife.

Just by saying he had worked for me, gave the client a confidence of hiring us.


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