Best profitable business to start in South Sudan


In South Sudan there are many business opportunities for foreigners and locals which you can exploit and make money out of them. Juba is particularly one of the best places to set up a business.

Based on our market survey, below are the most profitable businesses to start in South Sudan:

  • Jewelry shop

In Juba the demand for gold and diamond jewelries is extremely high. Import pure gold and diamond then set up a shop to sell to the locals. You can also incorporate watches. The cost of setting up such a shop is $10,000 to $100,000

  • Transport business

Another profitable business in South Sudan is transport business. Buy vehicles for transporting heavy goods or for short distance deliveries. But this business require heavy investment.However, returns are high.

  • Coffee shop

A coffee shop in juba will be a good investment. Look for a capital of $5000 to $20,000 and set up a shop for selling coffee, snacks and other drinks. It will attract locals and foreigners.

A coffee shop will generate at least $100 per day if it’s set up in a high end area.

Take a loan from local banks which will help you to set up the business—if you don’t have enough capital.

  • Construction hardware business

Construction is happening almost everywhere in South Sudan, the demand for materials is skyrocketing. One of the few booming businesses is construction hardware shop. If you are a serious entrepreneur, this is one of the best businesses to set up in a place like Juba.

The good thing about this business is that most products you will be selling don’t expire. However, the capital required is high. You need $10,000 to $100,000 to set up a well-stocked hardware shop.

You can also buy vehicles to transport construction materials for your customers and for other people.

  • Motor vehicle spare parts business

Plan on setting up motor vehicle spare parts business in Juba. There are many vehicles in the city and by having spare parts business, you make it easier for them to access the spare parts. Toyota and Germany cars are the most popular brands in South Sudan.

  • School/college

There is huge appetite for education in South Sudan. Set up a college to teach marketable courses.Currently, many locals are going abroad for education due to lack of enough universities and colleges locally.

Build a college with good facilities and make money from the business. You can’t make losses if your college is strategically positioned.

  • Computer and mobile phone repair shop

There are no enough computer repair shops in Juba. We also don’t have enough smartphone repair shops around. If you have skills in computer or mobile phone repair, set up a shop and start generating profits. To set up such a shop won’t cost you even $500.

  • Electronics shop

People have money to buy smartphones, TVs and other electronics. Here in South Sudan if you set up electronics shop that sells genuine items, you will be overwhelmed with customers.

A well-stocked electronics shop will cost more than $20,000 to set up. Daily profits will be above $20.

  • Boutique shop

Import clothes from Dubai and China, sell to the locals. A boutique shop will do fairly good if it stocks high quality clothes which are not overpriced. To set up such a shop, you require a capital of more than $10,000.

  • Car yard

If you have good capital, set up a car yard where you sell second hand and new cars. You should help locals to import cars. The capital should be above $50,000.

  • Taxi business

Buy a car and start offering taxi business. There are opportunities in this sector because it’s not fully exploited and the competition is low. Introduce online taxi business where people book through an App.

  • Build apartments/rental houses

The demand for apartments and rental houses has gone up as people move to Juba for green pastures. Buy land and build apartments/rental houses to accommodate the locals who are looking for houses to rent.

  • Car wash business

As people buy cars, the demand for car wash services increases. Car was business is not capital intensive—you can start one for less than $50

  • Barber shop and executive salon

Barber shop/executive salon are businesses you can start with small capital. To set up the business, you require a capital of below $3000.Ensure that you combine the two businesses so as to earn decent income.

  • Chemist/pharmacy

Pharmacy/Chemist is very essential in every part of South Sudan. Already we have a deficit of pharmacies in Juba. This is one of the few businesses that will generate over $100 per day.

But you need relevant qualification in pharmacy for you to operate a pharmacy. However, if you don’t possess such skills, you can employ people with qualifications in nursing/pharmacy to operate the shop.

  • Clinic/hospital

Set up a clinic in Juba and capture the huge market which is available in the city.

  • Events organizing company

There are major events happening locally. Buy sound systems, chairs, tents and other products required in events. Be one to organize events for organizations, graduation ceremonies, weddings and burials.

  • Grocery shop

Grocery shop requires low capital. You can start one for less than $100.This is one of the best businesses for women in juba.

  • Fast food restaurant

Start a restaurant which sells chips, sausage, fresh juice and other fast food products. The restaurant will perform well near colleges or in Juba CBD.Capital for fast food restaurant in Juba is $2000 to $10,000.Expected profits range between $20 to $20,000 per day depending on the size of your business.

  • Butchery

Butchery business will also blossom in Juba. The butchery should specialize in selling goat, fish and chicken meat.

Butchery business is not one of the hardest ventures in South Sudan, it’s easy to start and also easy to run.

  • Farming

Do dairy farming or plant crops like maize, beans and tomatoes. You will never go wrong with farming.

  • Pub/wines and spirits shop

If there is one business I will advise anyone to start it’s wines and spirits/pub.Put up a serious club& wines and spirits shop and see how rich you’ll become within a short time.


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