Best TV Brands to Buy in Kenya


When buying a TV in Kenya, you should go for the best of the best. Don’t always go for cheap televisions, quality is paramount. Also to be considered is a place where genuine TVs are being sold, don’t buy anywhere. There are areas where you’ll purchase a television that’s fake or one that has been used severally before and is fault.

Here is a list of the best TV brands to buy in Kenya:

  • Sony

Sony is the best brand to buy in Kenya especially if you want to own a TV with clear images that can last more than 10 years. Though they are more expensive in relation to other brands, their quality is superb. The best sizes are from 32 inch. Your budget should be Ksh 25,000 and above.

Sony Smart TV is always the best, but you can opt for a normal digital TV if you aren’t interested in connecting your TV with internet. There are also 4K TVs which produce the best quality images.

Sony are the best for home use or for businesses which attract rich clients.

You can buy genuine Sony TV at Luthuli Avenue, Sony shops or from Jumia. There are also many malls selling the same.

Sony produces even curved TVs which cost as high as Ksh 1.5 million. These are exclusively for people who would want to have a memorable experience.

  • Samsung

Another good TV brand is Samsung. Apart from manufacturing the best fridges and smartphones, their TV brands are magnificent. But the problem is that there are many fake Samsung TVs in the market, which is why you should buy from trusted shops.

To get a genuine and high quality TV, buy from the Somali who sell at Luthuli Avenue or from Samsung shops or Jumia website.

Samsung are slightly cheaper than Sony but they match in terms of quality. You can get a Smart TV at Ksh 25,000.

Samsung produces Neo QLED, QLED, 8K TVs, 4K TVs, Crystal UHD, and Full HD/HD TVs among others

  • Hisense

Hisense is associated with Sony but the good thing, they are relatively cheap. I own one and it has served me for 5 years, enjoying every bit of time in the house. It’s such a nice brand. The quality of Hisense images are amazingly good.

If you don’t have budget for Sony TVs, buy Hisense TV, it will not disappoint you.

The best size is from 32 inch—most people actually buy 32 inch TV.You can get both digital and Smart TVs.

Hisense is found in Hisense shops in Nairobi, Jumia or Luthuli Avenue. A 32 inch Smart TV costs less than Ksh 30,000.

If you have a bar or a business premise, Hisense is the best TV to place in it.

  • TCL

I have also used TCL TV before and also seen some of my friends using the same. It’s actually as good as Hisense or Samsung TV.It’s price rivals that one of Hisense TV.

In case you visit a shop and fail to get Hisense TV,go for TCL.Even the shopkeeper will give you the same advice.

With Ksh 25,000 to Ksh 32,000 you will get a high quality and genuine Hisense TV in Nairobi. But don’t buy from Luthuli Avenue if the shop is not operated by a Somali.Alternatively,buy from Jumia online store.

  • Skyworth

Skyworth has excellent reviews and it’s a cheap brand. But if you want the best quality, go for Smart TV.

Skyworth TVs are the best for businesses because they can easily be replaceable.

  • Vitron

Vitron is one of the most underrated TV but a good one.If you buy a brand new Vitron Smart TV,you will have the best experience. But make sure the TV you are buying has not been used before because if it’s fault, you might get hard time repairing it.

Vitron TVs are very cheap and of high quality. They are the best ones to place in hotels, pubs and public places because even if they are stolen or break down, replacing them is easy and cheap.

The cost of buying Vitron TV is from Ksh 11,000.For Ksh 12,000 you can get a Vitron Smart TV.

  • LG

LG sells high quality fridges and TVs.Their televisions are of high quality and durable. You will get them in LG shops, Luthuli Avenue or any other reliable shop in Nairobi. They are also available at Jumia website.

LG are much cheaper compared to Samsung and Sony TVs.

  • Vision

Vision TV are the best from 32 inches .But consider buying Smart TVs because they are of the best quality. If you ae under strict budget, Vision is the best brand to buy. A 32 inch LED TV will cost you less than Ksh 12k while a Smart TV will go for Ksh 16,000 to Ksh 25,000

  • Weyon

Weyon are for people with low budget. If you have Ksh10k to buy a quality TV,go for Weyon TV.They sell 24 and 32 inch TVs which are available on jumia website.


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