List of 100 most profitable businesses in Nigeria


Do you want to start a profitable business in Nigeria?Well,below is a list of top 100 best and most profitable businesses to start especially with low capital:

  1. Laptop Importation Business: with increased Technology and online work/ jobs there is a market to make one thrive in this business.
  2. Designer Clothes: one can import materials to design high quality clothing from China at a cheap price and sell them with a big profit margin.
  3. Computer School business: with increased Technology, many individuals are learning on a daily basis how to use the computers in order to operate well in different sectors.
  4. Art Collection & Gallery: this is a business that will grow because of the current generation desire to have them in their houses and offices .
  5. Wedding planning & decorations: one fan create a company to do wedding events and charge an amount that will grow them as individuals and the business.
  6. Web designing & development services: there are growing and upcoming companies which are in need of these services in the market. A potential business which has a market.
  7. Daycare Center: this requires one to have sufficient space and decorating and neat. Carpets, chairs and Mattresses are some of the things needed to start this business.
  8. Recreational centres: this will require enough space/land and equipment necessary for people to relax. It requires an investment but once set up the returns are worth working for.
  9. Importing vehicles: this requires quite a huge amount to start but the profits are big enough. The vehicles should be slightly used.
  10. Restaurant: people always need food, the food sector is always on demand. This will require one to plan and come up with a restaurant that gives the best dishes, one should also consider the location.
  11. Real Estate Agency: with the current population size the real estate agencies do not lack jobs because it is always on demand.
  12. Consultation services. One can open an office to give consultation services based on the career one took, for example lawyers/advocates can open an office to advice people on the laws of the country or a specific section an individual requires assistance in.
  13. Plumbing Services: with this type of business  one can either hire plumbers if they are not good at it or if they are good at it they can do it on their own it does not need an office one can offer their services mobile.
  14. Travelling Agency: the current generation is eager on visiting different places hence the need to open and educate/advertise the places to visit in exchange you will charge a fee for the services one offers.
  15. Pharmacy Retail Store: there are many people having ailments on the streets, this business requires one to have a qualified pharmacist.
  16. Church: with many believing in a supreme being known as God. You can begin a church, make sure you are genuine and you will reap the fruits.
  17. Waste Disposal Services: the government alone is unable to provide enough services in this sector. One needs a lorry to collect the dirt at a fee.
  18. Carpentry: this sector is always improving with new designs every now and then in the market.  Get the skilled workers to work for you for better designs.
  19. Bar/pub: alcohol has a special market of its own, with different alcohol beverages and a nice location you are good to go.
  20. Catering services: come up with how to satisfy and serve your customers even if it means being mobile. This business has a market of it’s own oo with a generation that wants things done for th, you stand a chance if your services stand out.
  21. Chilli and tomato farming: many Nigerians use pepe and tomatoes in their food.
  22. Natural juice:  selling natural juice requires one to know where to get affordable fruits in bulk to satisfy the available market.
  23. Electronic Business: three quarter of the population use electricity in their houses factories, making this business suitable due to the availability of market.
  24. Dry Cleaning business : one just need a good suitable location and a machine to begin this business.
  25. Washing vehicles: this business requires water, water, soap and a place to wash vehicles from .
  26. Okada (motorbike): it only requires one to have a motorbike which is also accessible through the loan.
  27. Taxi: it only needs a vehicle to start this business.
  28. Language school: people are interested in learning and knowing other businesses.
  29. Video club/playstation: the PlayStation business keeps growing over the years. It requires one to have the necessary updated  machines and enough space.
  30. Gym: for fitness/exercises. One requires the right equipment and a room spacious enough to start this business.
  31. Educational and Tutorial centres: these centre is established for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, ICAN and other examinations.
  32. Poultry farming: the consumption of eggs and chicken is always there.
  33. Logistics & Haulage Business: to assist other businesses needing help in this area.
  34. Snail Farming: snails are not only a special dish in Nigeria but they can also be exported to other countries.
  35. Pig Farming: the demand and market for pork is there in Nigeria and the neighbouring countries.
  36. Cement Production Business: with the increase in new design for houses and technology, there is always something new in the market. The demand for cement is always there, just have a budget and do a thorough research before you open.
  37. Repair and maintenance services to oil companies, these requires your skills and not necessarily a lot of money.
  38. Home delivery services: you can start with a motorbike before expanding the business.
  39. Digital marketing company: with the right skills one can open their own social media platforms and draw enough traffic to land them jobs to offer to companies.
  40. Tailoring business: there is a market for this in Nigeria because many individuals prefer their clothes done by a skilled tailor, if you do not have the necessary skills one can always hire someone to do it for them.
  41. Jewelry Store: many ladies love jewelry and beautiful things, this business is always on demand.
  42. Solar Energy Business: with the electricity going out all the time many individuals/companies rely on the generators, however solar is the best alternative making this business marketable.
  43. Painting Services: this does not require a lot of capital to start if the individual has the right skills, they can always get business from renovating buildings etc.
  44. Salon: ladies always love their hair to be pretty, with the right skills before opening one, one can choose to be mobile before they get a permanent place to provide services to their clients.
  45. Flower Farming: requires a piece of land and the export market.
  46. Library services: look for the books that are on demand and choose the specific target market to render your services to.
  47. Printing services: this business is broad, it’s up to an individual to choose the area of printing they want to be involved in.
  48. Cake production: one can start baking cakes for events like birthdays, anniversaries at a fee.
  49. Online Recruitment Agency: register the agency with the right government institution to assist companies hire individuals through the Agency.
  50. Dog breeding Business: many people are buying dogs as pets nowadays.
  51. Garage: repair vehicles and motorbikes. This only requires one to have the right skills.
  52. Photography: this business requires one to have the skills and the right camera(up to date).
  53. Dry Cleaning Services: many people have different types of clothes, sheets and duvets/blankets that require a washing machine/dry cleaners and they do not have. By opening a dry cleaning business, all these people will come to you as customers. You need to invest in the washing machine and have electricity .
  54. Phone Repair: this business requires the skills and the right tools to start.
  55. Laptop Repair: this too requires the right tools and skills to begin the business.
  56. Grocery store: food always sells because people need to eat. Ensure your source has the right vegetables and fruits.
  57. Fast food take away: this requires a van or a small place with electricity to assist prepare the fried chicken, chips for people to take and eat at their homes.
  58. Blog: one can create a website, generate a traffic and start earning from their writing. Chose the topics people are interested in and write about them.
  59. Boutique: choose the type of clothes to sell either the 2nd hand or brand new and start online before opening a physical store.
  60. Barber shop: this requires skills and right equipment to do the job.
  61. Security firm: offer security services to firms, organizations and homes/estates.
  62. Massage Parlour: requires a place, skills and the right equipment/products to start.
  63. Recycling: choose what you want to recycle plastics/metal and make items out of them.
  64.  Baby shop: requires all baby items from clothes, toys etc.
  65. Sell weight loss products/supplements online: it just requires one to have the products.
  66. Shipping business: ship items fro other businesses from different places especially from abroad.
  67. Sell Firewood: there are homes and hotels that still use firewood to prepare meals.
  68. Agrovet: sell animal and farm products to farmers.
  69. Bridal Store: get the right bridal outfits and stock them ensure you pick the right location.
  70. Electrical Services: with electricity being used everywhere in this day and age, one can be mobile to offer the services.
  71. Digital Marketing: this is done mostly online, one requires internet the right photos, videos and communication.
  72. Ice cream: start an ice cream production business.
  73. Car Spare parts shop: import the slightly used or even the new ones to sell.
  74. Pure Water: purify the water and pack them in the right bottles and sell them.
  75. Paving Stone Production: it will need a space and the right machines.
  76. Hotels with lodgings: people traveling require a place to eat and lie down. This business requires bed, bed sheets, and a restaurant.
  77. Driving School Business: look for the right instructors and drivers to teach. It also requires several vehicles and classes to begin.
  78. Catfish farming: requires land water and the food to feed the fish.
  79. Sell ebooks online: write and sell ebooks online on your own website.
  80. Butchery: look for a place to sell the meat and also where to source it.
  81. Cyber: provide online services including printing. One requires a computer and a photocopying machine to begin.
  82. Cosmetics shop: Sell the make up and beauty products either online or on a physical shop.
  83. Hair shop: sell the fake wigs and hairs online or physically.
  84. Chandelier shop: buy them in wholesale or import them if you can and sell either online or on a physical shop.
  85. Recycle waste paper to make other things like toilet papers.
  86. Sell archived newspapers.
  87. Bookshop: research on where to get stationary, exercise books and other things related and open a bookstore.
  88. Bakery: bake all types of bread and cakes.
  89. Home Equipment business
  90. Content creator: requires skills and right information good quality camera to  execute.
  91. Soap making business: requires little capital to start and right knowledge to execute this business.
  92. Cleaning agency: for a start look for the right cleaning equipment and hire two people, train  them on how to use the machines and then go out and source businesses to clean for.
  93. Foot wear business: sell all types/kinds or shoes, socks etc.
  94. Bicycle shop business: it will require quite an investment to begin. Just get the right source to get the bicycles from.
  95. Kitchen equipment shop: sell everything required in the kitchen. This can be done either online or on a physical store.
  96. Musical instruments store: sell the guitar, piano, drums etc.
  97. Educational services: in terms of tuition for different grades as a private tutor.
  98. Sell Cooking Gas.
  99. Affiliate marketing online
  100. Home movie production business. Begin from your home.


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