100 Most Profitable Businesses in South Africa


Do you want to start a profitable business in South Africa? Here is a list of top 100 most profitable businesses to do in South Africa

  1. Barber Shop

Many people know when a man gets a good barber they tend to stick to them and sometimes they even follow them when they shift. This is one of the profitable business especially if you have the expertise to do it.

  • Recruiting Agency

Assist companies, organizations, firms and individuals to hire workers. The recruiting business especially those done online are worth billions.

  • Logistics Company

This mainly focuses on the warehouse and transportation areas which are essential for supply chain, this is a good business to start if you are interested in supply chain related business.

  • Restaurant

Make your restaurant unique by being unique in your cooking and your restaurant layout.

  • Business Consultation Firm

There are start up businesses which do not know how to make a business plan and how to execute it etc. this is where the business consultation firm comes in.

  • Tutor

Offering your professional services at your own station at a fee, choosing the students to attend to, this only requires little capital to begin.

  • Salon

Women love beauty and they always want to try different styles every now and then. Starting a salon is not that expensive, one needs the right location and several necessary equipment to start.

  • Makeup Shop

Makeup is expensive, despite that is sells, especially if you are selling original products. The challenge will only be on the side of where to get them from.

  • Boutique

Clothes are a part of the basic human needs. This is one of the profitable businesses; it requires one to know the gender and the type of clothing they want to sell.

  1. Iphone/Apple shop

Apple products are known for their uniqueness, they also have a wide range of products they sell. This requires huge investments, but the profit is also high. It also has its market; there are people who specifically prefer apple products.

  1. Computer Training School

This requires a room and several computers, depending with the number of students one has, they could divide it with time to teach them effectively.

  1. Child Day Care

Hiring a qualified nanny is quite expensive and so many parents prefer taking their children to a daycare. If you have a spacious home, you could start there before expanding later.

  1. Taxi

This is another business that requires one to have the necessary driving skills and a license to start.

  1. Driving School

One could start with one vehicle and expand later, it also require a spacious room from the theoretical classes.

  1. Clinic

This is for the qualified medics, however if one has the money to build a clinic and employ the certified personnel in the medical sector is also okay.

  1. Café

Average margins for a coffee shop range from 35 to 60%. You should be able to pay yourself at least R280,000 every year, depending on how much you invest in your company (and how well it is going).

  1. Kindergarten School

It will require space and other equipment. This requires one to invest heavily, however the profits are huge in the long run.

  1. Plumbing Services

This requires one to have the necessary skills and equipment, for the business start, one can advertise themselves on social media for the services they offer and then expand from there.

  1. Bakery

If you have bakery skills this is for you, however, you can always learn it does not take many weeks to get the baking skills. One could always start from their homes before expanding. It will also require one to advertise themselves on social media.

  • Street Food Vendor

Street food always receives praise for its deliciousness and freshness. With the right cooking skills and a license to operate one is ready to begin.

  • Mini Supermarket

This is a profitable business, one need to just find the suppliers of different products needed at the supermarket and the right location to begin.

  • Grocery Store

Make your store have fresh vegetables of all kinds and fruits. Find the right location to sell from and license from the necessary authority then you are ready to begin, it does not require much to start but the profit is good. s

  • Bar

Selling liquor is among of the profitable businesses in the market. The investment is not that big but the profits are massive.

  • Casino

Slot machines, table games, and poker are just a few of the games that most casinos find profitable. The type of casino you create must also take into account your target audience. A casino that attracts high rollers, for example, will be more successful than one that attracts casual players.

  • Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer you can personalize each project as a freelance graphic designer or illustrator and focus on particular areas, such as logo design, infographics, brochures, or annual reports. Find a good printing machine, buy printing papers of kinds especially the ones you will need, others can still be sold and add profits to the business.

  • Gift Basket Maker

Gift baskets are a simple and inexpensive gift option that can make your loved ones feel valued and special. However, this can be turned into a business that will start bringing profits to you as an individual, one must just be creative.

  • DJ

Having the skills of the DJ can not only make you, your own boss but one can also open a school to teach those in the same career at a fee.

  • Social Media Consultant

There are many people making a living out of this, they run it as a business and it is paying them big time with the right expertise.

  • Ghost Writer

Today, as businesses compete for supremacy in the digital sphere, there is an increasing demand for interesting content. You might be able to earn money by blogging for these businesses. According to Wolfe, earning money through blogging is the best thing that has ever happened. Receiving compensation for your words and ideas is a wonderful experience.

  • Ghost Shopper

This provides an individual with an opportunity of starting their own company. There are companies that run this business successfully and it requires little cash to begin.

  • Bike Company

After the covid-19 breakout people started exercising using bicycles which has continued to be a trend in South Africa. The market is already out there, it is up to the business person to research the market and have their own niche.

  • Ecommerce Store.

This is a business that assists in selling products online, businesses that operate online have many benefits over those that operate physically, including cheaper overhead expenses, more flexibility and reach, and the potential to reach a larger audience.

  • Transcribing Business

This involves typing, editing and other virtual services for companies and individuals. One can hire several workers to assist when the work is too much.

  • Drop-shipping

This business can allow the start of your online ecommerce store business without store keeping. It also does not require a huge capital to start.

  • Mobile Personal Trainer

This is another profitable business to start. One can start by advertising their skills online and move around to train individuals before they get a physical stationery place. It does not require a lot of capital to begin.

  • Mobile App Business

You need to be able to create high-caliber software and possess excellent technical abilities in order to launch a mobile app development business. Additionally, you ought to be knowledgeable on how to promote and sell mobile apps.

  • Video Production Company

Video companies assist other firms by creating commercial videos, contents to use in their marketing strategies.

  • Dog Walking Business

There are many pet owners in South Africa who are busy to walk and feed their dogs, here it is where you come in by employing some people to help you. It is a profitable business that is growing rapidly in this era.

  • Resume Writing Business

There are many qualified people for jobs out here, however they do not know how to write and format their resumes to catch the employers attention. To start this business one must possess strong communication abilities, proofreading abilities, typing prowess, and relevant work experience are necessary for a good resume writer. Additionally, the CV writer should have a track record of achievement and great interpersonal abilities.

  • Financial Advisor

A financial advisor can work in Banks, brokerage houses, insurance businesses, and wealth management corporations are just a few of the areas where financial advisors might find employment. To become a qualified specialist and set yourself apart from the competition, pursue financial certifications and licensure exams, before starting your own company.

  • Online Dating Consultation

The world has gone online and now everything is done online, including dating. An online dating consultant is an individual who offers guidance to those using the Internet for dating is known as an online dating consultant. You can get assistance from an online dating expert with your profile direction, writing your first message to an online match, and impressing your date.

  • Mobile Photography

Do you want to begin your own photography company? It’s not just you. It’s never been simpler to start earning money with your camera thanks to the growth of social networking, photo sharing, blogging, and online commerce. Photographers capture weddings, design photos for advertisements, work as freelancers for magazines, travel the world, and take pictures of places – the list is endless.

  • Language Learning App

There are many people interested in learning new languages, different exercises and techniques are used by language learning applications to help users increase their vocabulary, improve their linguistic proficiency, and improve their communication abilities overall.

  • Dog Training Business

If you are a dog lover, this can be a fulfilling business for you. You have the option of working as a freelance dog trainer or as a part-time trainer for a business. However, keep in mind that dog training requires more dedication than most part-time jobs. To begin, you must acquire knowledge in order to teach dogs in new tricks and comprehend how they behave.

  • Event Planner

The events sector has expanded significantly over the last 12 months. Consumer interest in outdoor events is growing and won’t be slowing down any time soon, according to studies. Consequently, starting a planning and management firm for outdoor events might be profitable.

  • Blogging

This is one of the lucrative business in South Africa. This business requires one to have social media pages and a website to start. It is an independent location business that only requires online readers and followers.

  • Sensory Deprivation Tank Business

With the increased pressure from home and work place people are looking for ways to distress and float tanks is one solution and a business that is helping people out.

  • Fitness App

This is an app that shows different exercise styles indicating their benefits and the meals to be taken by the person using the app.

  • Affiliate Marketing Business

This one can start as a side hustle which pays quite well. It requires promoting products and company services online.

  • Electronics Repair Business

The electric industry is worth billions and more. This one can start without any capital provided they have the required skills and education. This business will include repairing all electrical appliances.

  • Grocery Delivery Service

This is one of the common demanded services in South Africa at the moment. As a carrier grocery carrier one has the opportunity to maximize on their output.

  • Chatbot Development Business

This is an AI chatbots to help in responding to customers to the next level. Chatbots typically give customers regular responses, which helps the company avoid giving clients information that is unnecessary or misleading. This is a lucrative business on its own.

  • Interior Design

This is another lucrative business which involves making interiors of the house functional, safe and beautiful by selecting and determining the requirements and choosing the decorative items like colors, materials, lighting etc.

  • Bitcoin Vending Machine

This machine permits the customers/clients to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To start this business one needs to buy a bitcoin ATM and register the AML/KYC requirements with the BTM compliance. It has a process before starting, however it is profitable business.

  • Laundry Business

This is another booming business stayed in the market over the years. It is also a fulfilling business venture for a business person who wishes to bring changes into their community. It requires the right equipment, commitment and great customer service.

  • Property Manager

This business venture requires one to have strong people skills and comfortable with working with people from different background. The responsibility of a property managing business is marketing, collecting rent, leasing units and maintaining property.

  • Utensils Business

This is among the popular businesses in South Africa. One can register their own kitchen utensils business which is easy.

  • Bicycle Repair

More people are cycling now than before, because of this the demand for bicycle repair has increased. This only requires skills and experience with bikes to start this business.

  • Massage Therapist

This is another industry which is highly profitable and has grown over the years. The most common type of massage is the independent operation, this can be either in one’s home or massage studio rented on hourly basis.

  • Handyman

They offer different home repairs services based on the skills and the customer needs. This is a great part time or full time opportunity with high profit margin.

  • Airbnb Business

This requires a house with the necessary equipment, water, electricity to work. For instance it is a complete apartment/house rented out to people especially those travelling or visiting a place for a while.

  • Travel Planning Business

This is created to assist individuals plan their holidays, trips and vacations. They offer expansive information on destinations, flights and other travel related services.

  • Personal Chef/Cook

This is one of the businesses that allows one to work within their own working schedule. If you love cooking you can begin your own chef business.

  • Business Plan

Writing for individuals and companies business plan is another business that is working here in South Africa. It just requires one to create a social media account and target people who want to start businesses.

  • Web Flipping Business

This involves purchasing a website, improving its revenue and then selling it for a profit.

  • Stationery Business

It does not require a lot of capital to start. One can sell through eBay and Etsy for a start before expanding.

  • Art collectable Business

This is an exciting venture to start and also rewarding to those who love colleting and selling art. This business involves collecting and selling art e.g. ancient arts to contemporary pieces by up and coming artistes.

  • Life Coaching Business

The career of life counseling is becoming more and more popular. A life coach uses their emotional intelligence, expertise, and experience to assist clients in various areas of their lives. This is one of the industries getting a lot of money.

  • Gardening and Lawn Care

This is a rewarding business suitable for both urban and rural setup.

  • Tax Consultancy

Every year every individual, companies and firms must file their taxes, one can strategize themselves as a tax consultant and make impressive returns from it.

  • Care Giving Services

This guarantees good short and long term returns, not an easy job/business one must be passionate and think through it before they begin.

  • Translator Services

If you are fluent in several languages, then there is a market for you. There is no capital needed to start this business all one needs are clients from online or locally.

  • Courier Services

Given that more individuals are purchasing online and prefer home deliveries, the demand for courier services is at an all-time high. As a result, you may start a company that offers to pick up and drop off interested customers. Visit this site for more information:

  • Commercial Shelves

As e-commerce has grown, most vendors now require a physical presence where their customers may pick up their goods. Renters’ fees are used to compensate a salesman that works directly with clients and takes inventory for different sellers.

  • Street Vendor

Due to its low cost and ability to be adapted to a community’s immediate requirements, street food is preferred by urbanites over cozy restaurants. Selling coffee and snacks, for instance, will give them a fast meal they can grab while traveling. Getting a food truck will help this business grow. To prevent food-borne illnesses, make sure to always provide wholesome meals and practice good cleanliness.

  • Road management

The demand for road managers in South Africa has increased with the popularity of roadshow tours by firms, radio stations, and celebrities. A road manager is employed by small- to medium-sized music ensembles, radio stations, or other businesses. They make sure everything is planned out and done on time. In addition, a road manager arranges lodging, handles media duties, and supplies the support people, tools, and schedule necessary for a successful roadshow

  • Movie/Cinema

One needs a computer with internet connectivity, a projector with a 1080p resolution, a popcorn maker, plastic chairs, extension cords, and plugs are required. A white screen or large white fabric is also required. Although many young people like to watch movies, they frequently lack the funds to visit expensive movie theaters.

  • Towing Services

To buy your first towing vehicle, you’ll need a considerable sum of money. A different option is to rent one first, then purchase your own after turning a profit.

  • Recycling Business

Waste in South Africa’s urban regions is generally abundant and includes plastics, glass, paper, and metal. Certain garbage types can be collected and recycled by creative people. Along with making them money, this enterprise will lessen pollution. As an illustration, consider recycling metallic wires or used plastic bags to create shopping baskets and toys for kids.

  • Referral Services

People are constantly looking for good services from businesses like plumbers, attorneys, restaurants, and tourism attractions. If you present yourself as an authority with all the essential knowledge, many people will gladly pay to be referred to you.

  • Internet Café

Many South Africans have access to the internet from their homes, but not everyone does. Due to the fact that they enable people to access essential services even if they do not own cellphones or laptops, internet cafés are particularly beneficial for rural areas

  • Green House Farming

One of the best businesses to try is greenhouse farming, especially in remote locations. Several crops that South Africans eat can be grown. However, a large monetary expenditure is needed for this project.

  • Music Instructor

Are you a professional musician or can you play one or more musical instruments? By teaching others to sing or play an instrument, you can generate money using your abilities and talents. Because you can train in person or online, this concept is great. Since each client just requires a few hours each week, you can also have numerous clients.

  • Tour Guide

For those who enjoy the outdoors and environment, tour guiding is ideal. By working as a tour guide, you may turn your knowledge of the many South African tourist destinations into money. In this position, you charge visitors to accompany them as they tour different locations. Visit Briefly.co.za for more information about small company ideas in South Africa.

  • Call Centre Representative Business

All businesses or sectors that value good client interactions require call center agents. You can start this business if you have a functioning phone connection and computer. On behalf of an organization, clients will call you.

  • Online Custom Tailoring Services

Can you make stylish, high-quality clothing? People are becoming more conscious of how they look and the fabric’s quality. As a custom tailor, you can advertise your services and use courier services to send your clients’ orders.

  • Internet Security Consultant

Are you an expert in security fixes for computers? If so, you can collaborate with various organizations and pay a fee to assist them in protecting important data from potential hackers, viruses, and con artists.

  • Sustainability Consultancy

Many firms are adopting safer and more secure procedures thanks to green technology. As a consultant, you will provide these businesses with paid advice on efficient, humane alternatives to their current practices. To begin the consultation, you must possess the required education and experience.

  • Invention and Patent Service

This needs one to be creative for example there are those who have invented UnbuckleMe, a patented tool that makes it easier for children to open seat buckles.

  • Product Reviewer/Tester

Both new businesses and well-known companies are looking for consumers to give their products reviews and recommendations. By building an online portfolio and applying to become a product reviewer, you can enter this rich industry.

  • Bee Keeping

Are you situated in a region where beekeeping in South Africa could flourish? Consider learning to maintain bees to increase your income. All it takes is a thorough investigation into the venture’s potential in the region where you are located.

  • Card Making

In addition to birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, exams, childbirths, and many other occasions, people also send cards. A card-making business can be started if you have a talent for artistic design.

  • Doll Making

Demand for dolls has always been high, particularly among households with young children. They are actually pretty simple to create utilizing some readily available materials, which is interesting. You can launch a modest enterprise and then enlarge it as sales increase. To improve sales, think about making local deliveries.

  • Podcasting

The previous few years have seen a gradual increase in the popularity of podcasts. In the past twenty years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people who listen to podcasts. If you can get people to talk about a certain topic. Why not try it?

  • Bag Making

In daily life, bags serve a variety of purposes. Making high-quality, distinctive products will help you run a profitable bag-making business, and you will quickly build your brand.

  • Hat Making

In South African towns and rural areas near the coasts, hats are typically worn. Both tourists and residents buy hats for the beach, daily wear, and to go with various traditional outfits. You can enter the fashion industry if you have a keen sense of style.

  • Native Shoe Making

The native footwear of the Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa, and Ndebele was an integral element of their cultures. People’s need for a fashion accessory that serves as a reminder of their origins and upbringing will ensure that there will always be a market for these shoes. If you had the correct training and the necessary tools, you could produce these local shoes and sell them for a profit.

  • Crotchet Knitting

It is one of the most lucrative chances in the fashion industry, especially given the yearly increase in demand for crotchet clothing. You could use your knitting skills to make a fortune.

  • Matchmaking Business

Are you naturally adept at putting together groups of people with compatible personalities and interests? Why not try a matchmaking service online? All you require is a working website with elements that improve usability and privacy.

  1. Jewelry Business

The jewelry market is very varied. For instance, you could purchase jewelry made of silver and gold in quantity and profitably resell it online or from a physical store. If you possess the required knowledge and abilities, you might potentially create and sell beaded jewelry.


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