Best Investments you will make in Kenya that will not make you regret in future


There are specific investments you will make in Kenya that will make you not regret in future. If you make such investments, you are assured of the best future, even in your retirement.

  • Educating your children

Invest in educating your children. This will empower them such that when you get old, they will be able to cater for your needs.

If you don’t give your children good education, they may all end up being poor and become a burden to you in future.

  • Marrying the right person

If you marry the right person, you will be able to have peace of mind, good health and be able to concentrate on improving your life. With a good spouse, your chances of becoming poor are slim.

  • Buying Unit Trusts

Insurance companies and other investment companies offer opportunities to invest in Unit Trusts. The good thing about Unit Trusts is that the principal amount is not subjected to any risk. You will also earn interest daily.

This is one investment you’ll make and never regret in future. You can be investing even Ksh 1,000 monthly. If you invest consistently for 10 years, you will be a millionaire.

  • Health insurance

Health insurance is also very important. At the moment it might not look important but if you get a serious disease, you will discover its importance. Apart from NHIF,it’s important to have your own health insurance to cover for extra costs in case of a chronic disease.

  • Village house

You won’t be staying in time forever. It will reach a time when you get bored with life in town. A good village house is important.

Right now it might appear like a dead investment but when you get old, that’s where you’ll rest and enjoy the fresh air in the village.

  • Joining a Sacco

You should also join one of the Saccos in Kenya and buy their shares. The shares will help you get a loan. You will also be earning dividends annually.

Make sure you identify a stable Sacco which is owned by stable institutions.

  • Invest in good morals

Good morals ensure that your health is perfect at all times. Avoid alcohol and drugs, avoid too much partying. If you can manage to control and contain yourself, you will be more productive, hence successful.

  • Invest in real estates

Building apartments will help you get passive income even after your retirement. But you should build rental apartments when you are young enough to enjoy their fruits. Don’t build apartments when you are 60-years-old because you can’t the beneficiary of the rental income.

  • Invest in government bonds

Kenyan government allows you to invest as low as Ksh 50,000.Bonds take years to mature. If you invest Ksh 1 million today, you will make more than Ksh 500,000 in 5 years.

Your money will be save, you won’t lose anything.

  • Save in fixed deposit account

Fixed Deposit account will instill financial discipline to you such that you can take time to make the right decisions. You will also be earning interest on your savings.


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