Richest Musicians in Tanzania


Here is a list of richest musicians in Tanzania and their net worth

Diamond Platnumz

    His ascent to popularity occurred as a result of the song’s remixes, Number One, which featured Nigerian superstar artist Davido. He currently holds the top rank on the list of wealthiest musicians from Tanzania and is one of the richest musicians in all of East Africa. The amount of Diamond Platnumz’s net worth is now believed to be $7 million. His present sources of income are varied, but music continues to be his main source of income and wealth.

    • Ali Kiba

    Tanzanian singer-songwriter and record company executive Ali Kiba has a contract with Sony Music Entertainment. He is currently basking in the glory of all of his prior successes, which have cemented his position as one of Tanzania’s most well-known musicians. According to Wikipedia, the singer concluded last year as one of the musicians with the most songs downloaded. In 2015, he won six major accolades at the Tanzania Music Award Show. He is also known for his collaborations with artists like R Kelly, who is currently serving time for child molestation. The current estimate of Ali Kiba’s net worth is 4,500,000 US dollars ($4.5 million). His primary sources of income are sponsorship deals and music.

    • Professor Jay

    One of the first rappers in the Bongo Flava style is Professor Jay. The genre’s fusion of indigenous Tanzanian music with western hip hop enabled Professor Jay attain widespread popularity. He began his career in 1989 with the Hard Blasters, who went on to become the top hip-hop group the following year. Professor Jay has maintained his position as one of the top rappers from Tanzania over an amazing career run. Currently, Professor Jay is valued at $3 million dollars ($3,000,000). Music has been his main source of income for a long time, and he is currently one of Tanzania’s richest musicians.

    • Lady Jaydee

    Lady Jaydee, who was born into a huge family of 10, became a groundbreaking musician from Tanzania. Notably, she was among the first performers to show off her skills in the field of Swahili R&B music. She was recognized as the top R&B female in the 2000s and identified her musical style as R&B/Zouk Afro Pop. Her work has made her one of the most successful musicians in Tanzania today, and she has the money to prove it.  The latest estimation of Lady Jaydee’s net worth is 2,400,000 US dollars ($2.4 million). Her main source of income was music.

    • Nahreel

    He became famous after co-founding Navy Kenzo group which became popular in Tanzania. Afrobeat and Dancehall are blended in Nahreel’s music, and his production prowess also gives him an advantage in the market. He is the creator and CEO of The Industry Studio, a business that served as the foundation for all of his artistic ambitions. He presently oversees the careers of two artists, Rosa Ree and Wildad, whose work is in high demand. The latest estimation of Nahreel’s net worth is two million US dollars ($2 million). His main source of income is music, which he invested in the development of his business, The Industry Studios.

    • Dully Sykes

    In Tanzania, Sykes is well-known for his hits like Julieta and Salome, among others. In addition to being a record label executive and singer-songwriter, he formed Dhahabu Records, under which he has published a number of songs. While others who started at the same time gave up.  He was born in 1980 and has so far been very consistent with his music.

    Dully Sykes is considered a stunning pioneer of Swahili Dancehall in the African Great Lakes and he has also been played in the United Kingdom. The current estimation of Dully Sykes’s net worth is $1,500,000 USD ($1.5 million). He mostly earned money as a lyricist and singer.

    • Juma Nature

    He is a musical artist, record producer, and rapper from Tanzania. Juma gained popularity for starting the organization Wanaume, which provides refuge to aspiring musicians from Dar es Salaam’s less affluent neighborhoods. He also goes by the nickname Sir Nature, and the most of his songs are about the difficulties Tanzanians face. He raps about social inequality, the wealth gap, and many health issues, including HIV and AIDS. Juma Nature’s net worth, also known as Sir Nature, is now assessed to be $1,500,000 USD ($1.5 million). He became wealthy from music and endorsement partnerships.

    • AY

    In 1996, AY started his career as a member of the band S.O.G, which he later left to pursue a solo career. So far in his career, he has collaborated with Mwana Fa, a former comrade.

    AY prefers the Bongo Flava subgenre because he grew up in southern Tanzania.

    He is one of Tanzania’s richest musicians thanks to his songwriting and vocal talents. The latest estimation of A.Y’s net worth is $1,300,000 ($1.3 million).

    • Harmonize

    Tanzanian Afro Bongo musician Harmonize is also the creator of the Konde Music Worldwide record label. Before leaving Wasafi Records due to a minor disagreement with Diamond Platnumz, he was originally signed to the label. At the moment, Harmonize is valued at $1,200,000 ($1.2 million). While using his social media following for promotions, his music is his primary source of income.

    1. Mr. II

    Particularly in the Great African Lakes region, Mr. II is recognized as one of the best bongo flava musicians. He is a politician and Bongo Flava musician from Tanzania who has utilized his platform to draw attention to issues affecting Tanzanians. He sang songs about unfair income distribution, child abuse, and police violence. The latest estimation of Mr. II’s net worth is one million US dollars ($1 million).


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