Caroline Mutuko Biography


Caroline Mutoko is one of the most accomplished media personalities in Kenya.Below is her biography:

Name;                   Caroline Mutoko

Date of Birth;     4th January 1973

Age;                        50yrs   

Children;              2

Marital Status;   Single

University;          University of Nairobi, Strathmore University, Harvard Business School, UCLA School of management.

Profession;           Media, digital marketer

Gender;               Female

Nationality;         Kenyan

Early Life & Education

Caroline Mutoko is one of the three siblings, that is; two sisters and a brother. They grew up in a large family. Caroline was born on 4th January 1973 to Mr. Chris and Rose Mutoko. She completed both of her primary and secondary school education at Loreto Convent Valley Road School. Later she enrolled in the University of Nairobi where she earned a BA in Sociology and Economics.

Caroline a mother of two children also holds degrees from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and Harvard Business School. She also took a course at Stathmore University on Women Emerging Leaders.


Prior to becoming well-known Caroline the entrepreneur had modest beginnings and worked odd jobs to support herself. She began by working as a messenger when she was just 17yrs old and has just graduated from high school. She also later worked as a waitress and even as a bank teller while attending the University of Nairobi, all these because she was determined to support herself.

Caroline media career began at capital FM radio where she worked hard, for four and a half years, seven days a week. Despite being unpaid, she gained priceless skills from this experience that set the stage for her success moving forward. She went ahead and obtained employment at Kiss 100, a Radio Africa station where she co-hosted a well-liked morning show with Walter Mongáre for the 14yrs. Caroline later progressed u the corporate ladder to eventually retire as a Group Marketing Manager for Radio Africa. Besides from the radio, she was also a weekly columnist on the star newspaper.  

On March 25th, 2023, Caroline Mutoko announced her departure from the Radio after an impressive 19-years career. She previously explained her choice in an interview, stating that she quit because she though the time had come. Caroline departed from the company on July 11th on Tuesday. The Radio Africa group threw her a poignant party in her honor.

After she left the media, Caroline embraced the internet world establishing a niche for herself and developing a strong and a well-organized brand. She has worked with prestigious domestic and foreign firms as a digital marketer. She also addresses a variety of themes in her thought-provoking videos on her popular youtube channel, which has a sizeable following. She also uses various media channels to share her extensive knowledge and experiences while giving women and young people direction and advise.

Caroline is a great motivational speaker and a storyteller known to encourage the current media experts. She is also known to contribute towards improving the welfare of other women in her community. She is also a Corporate MC which has enabled her to deal with different endorsements. She is a real estate investor with properties in different parts of Kenya

Family and personal Life

Despite her fame as an outspoken feminist, Caroline Mutoko maintains a low level of privacy regarding her personal life. Although she isn’t married, she is a loving single mother to a son and daughter. On 26th August, 2011, her daughter Theodora nduku, who was 8months old was adopted into her family. Caroline also keeps her son’s personal information private.


As a famous media personality she has not been short of drama. Back in 2013, Caroline was alleged to be with the late politician Mutula Kilonzo during his death which happened mysteriously. This was reported by the Star. Caroline went ahead to report all the blogger who linked her to such a serious matter back then receiving back lash from people on social media.


Her net worth is unknown to the public however she is estimated to be worth Ksh 300 million.


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