How thieves use KCB Bank name to con you


Had a small short term loan with KCB which I was clearing in three months, I decided to clear it in full so I take out a new one to help sort school fees for my kids(Two in the university and one in high school).

I cleared and applied for a new one na jamaa wananinyima, sema kusweat, sema kubabaika. These guys can give you a heart attack. I call customer care and the guys tell me that my CRB status changed in July 2023.

I send a DM on twitter and they told me unfortunately I don’t qualify. I told them I will be visiting my branch on Monday(Today) to close my account after 14 years banking with them. Leo asubuhi wamenitumia message my loan has been approved.

Also guys beware of conmen, either KCB Customer care or Safaricom Customer Care are sharing callers’ information with fraudsters, five minutes after I hang up with KCB Customer Care a guy called saying he is calling from KCB and he is following up on my issue.


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