Cost of building a flat in 50 by 100 plot in Nairobi


A 50 by 100 plot is enough to build a flat in Nairobi. Most flats in Nairobi go up to 10 floors. The cost of building a flat depends on the quality of materials one uses and location for the building.Generally,if you want to build one floor apartment, you’ll spend Ksh 6 million. To build 4 floor apartment, it will cost you Ksh 20 million to Ksh 30 million.

The 50 by 100 plot require parking space and a perimeter wall. The apartment will definitely have small rooms unlike the one build on 100 by 100 plot.

Before you build an apartment in Nairobi, you need approval from the County, Nema and National Construction Authority. You also need approval of your structural and architectural plans. You will spend Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 500,000 for approval.

The foundation of your apartment will cost Ksh 1.5 million to Ksh 2.5 million.

Here are the estimated construction costs based on the number of floors of a building:

Ground floor—Ksh 4 million

One floor—Ksh 8 million

2 floors—Ksh 11 million

3 floors—Ksh 18 million

4 floors—Ksh 25 million

5 floors—Ksh 30 million

6 floors—Ksh 35 million

The cost of construction is on the rise, the amount you spend today may not be the same amount you’ll spend next year. But even if it’s expensive to construct a house, never use low quality materials—always go for the highest quality.


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