Beautiful Mansion Built on top of an apartment in Embu (Photos)


This house in Embu is very beautiful. The owner built an apartment and decided to build a mansion on top of it to save space and have a place to live in.It’s a 4 bedroom house which is magnificent.

A similar house was discovered in Zimmerman Nairobi. The owner is a woman living in the US.

The Embu building has offices and rental houses which are fully occupied. The mansion on top is occupied by the owner.The owner opted to live in the house instead of buying elsewhere and building one.

Such a house comes with several advantages. One of them is that you are secure.By the time someone moves from ground floor to the last floor,he will be noticed. Unless you are attacked by the tenants, you will be much secure.

You also save space and money. This helps you to save money you would have used to buy land elsewhere and build the house.

You can rent the house if you don’t want to occupy it.If you decide to move and live elsewhere, you can rent your house to someone. It’s even easier to rent since there are already tenants in other floors.

Able to monitor activities in your compound. You are 100% in charge of the building and able to monitor everything. You also don’t need an agent or caretaker—you can do all the work for yourself.


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