How to Invest Ksh 5 million wisely in Kenya


Ksh 5 million is good money to invest and earn over Ksh 50,000 every month. Some investments will generate over Ksh 100,000 per month. The money can be obtained through a loan, retirement, tender or jackpot winning. If you don’t know how to invest wisely, you will end up wasting it.Below are wise ways on how to invest the cash.

—-Invest in Money Market Fund

Money Market Fund will earn you interest of 7% to 18%per year. Your principal amount will not be subjected to any risk. If you save the Ksh 5 million, you will earn more than Ksh 500,000 interest every year.

You will leave the money in the fund until you get something to invest on.

Some of the highest paid money market funds in Kenya include: Britam, APA Insurance, ICEA Lion, CIC Insurance and Old Mutual.

—Invest in a Sacco

You should also identify a good Sacco, join and save the money there.Stima Sacco, Harambee Sacco and Safaricom Sacco are some of the best Saccos in Kenya. If you save the Ksh 5,000,000 in the Sacco, every year you will be earning over Ksh 600,000 interest.

—-Start a profitable business

You should be careful when starting a business, always identify a business you can manage. Don’t start a business like matatu if you have never operated it before.

I will suggest that you start a business like Hardware shop, restaurant or chemist. Those businesses will not fail you. The Ksh 5 million is enough to start a hardware shop.

—-Build apartment/ rental houses

Ksh 5 million is enough to buy land in a place like Joska and build 12 bedsitters. If you successfully do so,you will be earning over Ksh 60,000 every month for the rest of your life.

—-Invest in Bonds

Bonds pay interest of 14% to 18% per year. If you invest Ksh 5,000,000 for 5 years, you will earn over Ksh 2 million in 5 years.

—-Invest in Annuities

Annuities will pay you constant income every month for the rest of your life upon retirement. The Ksh 5 million will potentially pay you Ksh 20,000 monthly from the age of 60 until you die.

—-Fixed Deposit Account

Fixed Deposit account is also another wise way of investing the money. Identify a good bank with high interest rate, save the money for more than one year and see how it will grow.Stanbic Bank,NCBA ,ABSA and Standard Chartered Bank are the best when it comes to fixed deposit account .You money will be save and interest will be high.

****One mistake people make is when they get huge amount of money, they start squandering it with women, they buy expensive cars and items instead of investing. In the current Kenya, Ksh 5 million is not a lot of money. If you start eating the money now, by the time two years are over, the money is completely finished.


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