Can Ksh 1 million build a 4 bedroom house in Kenya?


One of my fans asked whether Ksh 1 million can build a 4 bedroom house in Kenya.Well, the money is a quarter of the entire budget of building the house. If you want to build a good house with high quality materials, set aside Ksh 3.5 million to Ksh 4 million.

Use the Ksh 1 million to buy building blocks, sand, concrete and 200 bags of cement. Then later look for another Ksh 600,000 for the foundation and walling. Roofing will cost Ksh 400,000 to Ksh 700,000 while finishing will cost Ksh 700,000 to Ksh 1.2 million.Labour for the entire house is Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 700,000.

To be sure of finishing the house, you must have Ksh 3 million and above.

If you only have Ksh 1 million, apply for a loan of Ksh 2 million to Ksh 3 million. I am sure the money is enough to build the house until you settle in it.


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