Cost of building 3 bedroom house in Uganda


If you are planning to build a 3 bedroom house in Uganda, you will spend UGX 30 million to UGX 150 million. The cost of building will depend on factors like cost of building materials, location of the house, labour costs and design of the house.

If you opt for highest quality of materials, your construction cost will be UGX 100 million to UGX 150 million. We always advise that you go for high quality materials.

Here are estimated costs of building:

Foundation—UGX 7.5 million

Walling–UGX 5 million

Roofing—UGX10 million

Finishing—UGX 25 million

Labour—UGX 8 million

Building materials—UGX 12 million

The average estimate is UGX 75 million.

If you have UGX 75 million, it’s enough to finish a simple 3 bedroom house in Uganda.

When purchasing building materials, it’s good not to use a broker, go and purchase yourself. Using someone to purchase for you will push the cost further because some of them are not realistic.

The kind of roof you use also determine the cost of roofing. Nowadays there are flat roof houses and the normal roofs. Though some people prefer flat roof, sometimes it’s not recommended especially if the quality of materials is not good. The normal roof can be changed anything without affecting the house. But if the flat roof is affected, it might affect the entire building.

When building a house, it’s not a must to have all the money for constructing it.Start with even UGX 20 million. Buy materials and build a foundation first. You can pause and look for money to continue from there. After building a foundation, the next hard thing is roofing. Walling is not difficult.

Once you are through with roofing, then you are almost finishing the house.

You can build a bungalow or mansion. The cost of a mansion is higher than that of a bungalow. You will spend UGX 100 million on a Bungalow or UGX 250 million on a mansion.


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