How much does it cost to build a 3 bedroom Mabati house in Kenya?


Mabati house is cheaper to build than building a house with blocks and bricks. The house is not permanent, you can demolish it any time. A three bedroom house built with mabati will cost Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 600,000 depending on the quality of mabati you will use. The total number of iron sheets for the roof will be approximately 80,for walls you will use 100 to 250. You have to use mabati in all walls. Total number of iron sheets will be above 300.If each iron sheet costs Ksh 1000, you will spend Ksh 300,000 on iron sheets.Labour will cost Ksh 70,000.You will spend Ksh 150,000 on timber. You need nails too. There are also windows and doors which will cost Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 50,000.

The floor will require cement, sand and concrete. The cost for all these will be Ksh80,000.

With approximately Ksh 600, 000, you will complete a quality 3 bedroom mabati house which you will occupy or rent out.

The cost will also be determined by the number of rooms and size of the house.

One disadvantage of mabati house is that when it’s hot outside, the temperature will be the same in the house. When it’s cold outside, even inside will be very cold.

The mabati house is also easy to break into. You need to build in a place where security is guaranteed.

The house will only be temporary. One advantage is that it’s cheap to cost and even if you decide to demolish it,you can re-use the iron sheets.


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